Oct 06

Monday Musing: Some Days Just Do Not Go As Planned

Tree Near Car 5One morning not too long ago, I woke up with big plans for the day.  Karen had to go to work and I had the day off.  One of the perks of being a school teacher is the amount of days in the calendar year that I have vacation time.  So, I had big plans for the day.  First I was going to surprise Karen by cleaning up the house, or at least my version of cleaning up the house.   My version means that things are straightened up Karen’s version is things are dusted, disinfected, and spotless.  After I got done cleaning I was going to help do the laundry and then go for a run which would have been the first time in ages.
Tree Near Car TwoSo, my alarm goes off and Karen is out the door and I get up to head to the shower, when Karen walks back in and tells me a tree has fallen on my car.  The first thing that runs through my mind is that my car is as flat as a pancake and we need to call the insurance people.  So, I put on a shirt and go out to investigate the damage and see what is going on.  I get out to the driveway and I see a massive limb had broken off from the biggest tree in our yard and fallen right next to my car.  Not the pancake scenario that I had envisioned a few minutes earlier.  A few of the branches were touching my car, but other than a few minor scratches it was not that big of a deal.  Karen and I were really lucky.
Tree Near Car 3I spent the rest of the morning cutting up parts of the tree- setting some of it aside for fire wood and other parts went into the trash.  It took a few hours to get everything cleaned up and taken care of.  By the time it was all finished I had the afternoon to work on the house and do some of the laundry, but by that point I was pretty frustrated that things were not going to be just as I wanted.  I did not get everything done that I wanted.  Fortunately it did work because I started out the day wanting to help Karen out so she did not have to work so hard that night taking care of the house.  When she got home from work she was happy that the tree was taken care of, that I did some of the laundry, and straightened up the living room.  By the end of the day though I did not get done what I had in my mind to do, but the results were basically what I was hoping for.
Tree Near Car 4

It just goes to show that you might have good intentions at the beginning of the day to get things done, but if you just take what the day throws at you and complete the tasks at hand, it will all work out in the end.

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  1. freda phillips

    Some days do NOT go as planned!! That is why I don’t often make concrete plans, that way I don’t get to disappointed. You know my favorite word “EXPECTATIONS” sometimes the expectations are not met. Try to be happy anyway.

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