Oct 03

Tracy Aviary: Not Just for the Birds

Bald EagleTracy Aviary is the oldest aviary in the United States.  It is located on eight acres in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City and is home to around 400 birds, some of which are classified as endangered or threatened species.  It is a great place for bird lovers because it is so hard to find a place that has this many birds from such a variety of species.  Also, the staff was very helpful and did a wonderful job making themselves available to answer any questions that Karen or I had.White faced DuckKaren and I were traveling from Yellowstone National Park to Moab, Utah and stopped in Salt Lake City for the day.  There were lots of things there that we wanted to see and do, but since we were so short of time we decided to check out Tracy Aviary because neither of us had been to an aviary before and we like birds so we figured it would be a good place to go.  We were not disappointed at all.  Yes, some of the birds could have used some bigger cages but you could say that about any place that has animals behind bars.Golden EagleMy favorite thing at the museum was the bald eagles.  The golden eagle and vultures they had there were also very impressive, but the bald eagle makes almost any day looking at wildlife complete.  I liked how the eagles were in a heavy foliage area.  It is illegal for anybody to have a perfectly healthy bald eagle in captivity.  These birds could not fly because they were injured so seeing them housed in a wooded area at least gives them a little bit of privacy and a more natural setting.Baby DucksKaren’s favorite area was the duck pond.  She could not recall a place that had so many baby ducks.  She was delighted in seeing them just go this way and that trying to keep up with their mommas.  I think she could have just sat there for the rest of the day watching them zoom around.  If she would have been able to hold one of them I think she would have fainted.DuckOther highlights of our visit were the Kennecott Wetland Experience, Destination Argentina, and the Amazon Adventure which gave us the chance to hand feed sun conures.  We visited the Tracy Aviary before the Owl Forest was completed.  Looking at the website it looks like it is a nice new addition to the aviary.Locked UpBesides the exhibits there are also bird shows to attend where you can see some of the birds in flight and showing predator and prey behavior.  There was also the chance to toss fish to their flock of pelicans.Karen with a Peacock in the distanceThe Tracy Aviary is good place to see a large variety of birds.  It is the only aviary that Karen and I have ever been to so we cannot compare and contrast to others like it, but what we can say is that it was well worth the price of admission.  We would go again if we were ever in the Salt Lake City area.

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Tracy Aviary
Located at 589 East 1300 in Liberty Park
Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily closed Thanksgiving and Christmas
Cost as of 2011 Adults $7.00 Seniors 65 and over $6.00 and children 3 to 12 are $5.00
For more information visit their website at http://www.tracyaviary.org/

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