Oct 01

Pizza Hut Park: FC Dallas Soccer Game

A little less than a year ago Karen and I went to our first professional soccer game and it did not disappoint.  It was a game between FC Dallas and Real Salt Lake and it was the opening round of the 2010 Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs.  It was a thrilling game that FC Dallas won 2 to 1.  It gave us a taste of professional soccer in the states and greater appreciation for the passionate fans of a MLS team. I did find it a little sad that there were empty seats for a playoff game, but it was a wonderful experience and the fans who were there really enjoyed the atmosphere and getting a chance to see the beautiful game in Texas.    At Pizza Hut Park

The nice part about it was that was not too terribly expensive to have decent seats and watch a professional sporting event.  The tickets were $35.00 each and were a few rows up in the middle of the pitch (field).  They were excellent seats, but we probably could have gotten the $15.00 seats in the corner and would have had just as good a view.  In the second half, Karen and I decided to walk around the stadium because we had never been to Pizza Hut Park before and there did not seem to be a bad seat in the house. Watching the ActionPizza Hut Park is a beautiful soccer specific stadium that seats around 20,000 and was built in 2005 so everything in it looks brand new.  Karen and I have been to two soccer games at Pizza Hut Park and neither time was it a disappointment.  Our second game was on May 1st of this year.  Karen’s favorite MLS team is the Los Angeles Galaxy because she is familiar with most of their names like Landon Donovan, David Beckham, and Juan Pablo Angel (who was playing with LA at that time)  so we decided to go.
Pizza Hut ParkThe LA vs. FC Dallas game broke the record for the largest single-game attendance for Pizza Hut Park, and the traffic was very telling.  It took us a little bit longer to get to the stadium than it did the last time, but it was worth it.  Unfortunately, a thunder storm rolled into the area and there was a one hour delay in the 83rd minute of a 90 minute game.  We like soccer a lot but we did not stick it out.  FC Dallas ended up winning that game on a late goal.
Donovan and BeckhamOverall, I would recommend checking out a MLS game.  Not only will it give the viewer a better understanding of what soccer is all about, but it is one of the cheapest professional sporting events you can attend.  One ticket to an MLS game can be cheaper than paying to park at an NFL game.  Speaking of parking did I mention parking at Pizza Hut Park was free both times that we watched a game there; I hope they continue that trend.  If you are fan of the beautiful game or just somebody looking for something new then check out an MLS game.
Real Salt LakeNow that you know what our experience has been let us know about your experience if you have ever been to a MLS or other professional soccer game.  It is always good to hear from any of our readers.

For more information about FC Dallas visit their website at http://www.fcdallas.com/

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