Sep 27

Front Yard: Adding to the Sprinkler System

Growing up out in the country our biggest challenge was mowing the lawn, and since it was a riding lawn mower my dad usually took care of it. I think there were few things my dad liked more on a Saturday afternoon than sitting on his lawnmower and cutting the grass. We never did a whole lot of raking of leaves in fact the only raking we did was raking up the rocks before we put down grass seed.Kenny diggingWhen I moved away from home I lived in an apartment for several years so once again not a whole lot of yard work going on until I met Karen who had already bought the house that we now live in. Karen has always been around a yard that is immaculate which makes for some interesting conversations come the weekend when I want to watch a soccer or football game and she wants us to go out there and work on the front yard. We usually compromise and the yard does get some work done on it, probably not as much as it should, but we do try to keep it looking nice.Sprinkler pipelineA couple of weeks ago we decided to work on our sprinkler system. It has been such a dry summer this year where we live that we now have a few brown patches in our yard. Karen’s dad who is an expert on all things related to yard care was gracious enough to come over and lead us in the right direction to get our yard back on track. Paul, Karen’s dad, is the ultimate life line when it comes to home repairs and we are always asking for advice or his help with one project after another. Usually, it is after we have gotten as far as we can, or in other words messed something up, and then he comes to the rescue.Kenny & PaulSo, our game plan was to add two new sprinkler heads to our line. Our first thing was to find the sprinkler line to tap into to so we could add the new pipe to our trouble areas. After a little probing we found our line. Paul came up with ingenious way to not tear up our yard by putting cardboard all along the trail that we were about to cut out. We would take sections of dirt out, about eight inches wide and down to the frost line, remove those chunks of dirt and set them on the cardboard. That way when we finished all we had to do was put the sections back in, one at time, and the yard would be back to normal.Kenny digging trenchUsually it is that easy except this time, because of the lack of rain, the ground was so compacted that our shovels would only go in about an inch every time. I ended up using an axe to break up the ground it was so hard.Kenny laying pipelineWell, we got our trenches dug out then it was a matter of cutting and refitting the pipe and connecting them to the two new sprinkler heads. Once all of the pipe was placed in it was time re pack the dirt and try to make it look as much like it originally did as possible. Finishing that up it was time to run the sprinklers. After we turned them on we adjusted the heads for maximum coverage and got everything back to normal. Of course, a few days after we got it straightened away we had our first rainfall in weeks. If I would have known that is all it would have taken to get some rain I would have worked on the sprinklers a few months earlier.Fun sprinkler angle

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