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What Makes Our Marriage Work: Try Things Your Significant Other Likes

Marriage Tip – Try Things Your Significant Other Likes

Kenny and Karen 4 cornersKaren and I come from very different backgrounds, we both come from loving families and are truly blessed to come from such stable homes.  However, growing up Karen became involved in music in the 4th grade when she started playing the violin.  She later taught herself the piano, while I on the other hand took a few years of piano lessons, never practiced and was stuck on the same song for over a year.  Sorry mom and dad, but you wasted some money trying to get me to learn to play the piano.  I spent my time growing up playing a variety of sports while Karen thought about playing softball once and that is about as far as she got.  Since we have been together we have both expanded our horizons and tried different things that each other like, and I feel we have become better for it.

Karen has gone to several sporting events since we have been together and now can (mostly) understand what is going on in the game.  At least now when a game is on the television she does not roll her eyes and try to change the channel, but will actually sit down and enjoy the game.  In fact, last year when I was busy with work she sat down and watched a college basketball game all by her lonesome.
Karen at Pizza Hut Park
I have had the privilege of introducing my wife to several sports and now her favorite sport is soccer. Before she met me she had never seen a soccer game before.  All she knew was that you had to kick the ball with your feet.  Now when she watches her favorite teams, LA Galaxy and The United States Men’s Team, she is yelling at the refs over missed fouls with the best of them.  She even got so excited at the 2010 world cup game between the US and Algeria that she got so loud our house alarm breaking glass sensor let out a chirp.  Karen has come a long way in the realm of athletics and I am so happy that she was willing to learn about things that I care about.

I on the other hand try to take Karen to as many things that would make her happy as I can.  I am glad to take her to art museums, gardens, the performing arts, and watch chick flicks because she puts up so well with television being put on sports or the news 90% of the time that it is on.  She has given me a greater appreciation for music and I keep trying to get her to teach me to the play the piano which I did not have the “time” for when I was growing up.
Kenny & Karen Christmas

Even our vacations are based on what would make the other happy.  I will go and lounge around the beach with her, while she will put on her hiking boots and take a trail up a mountain side for me.  We try to take two big trips each year where we flip-flop our choices so we both get destinations in each year.

Karen and I feel that we have built a stronger union together because we are both willing to try something the other wants to do.  I am not saying that we just eagerly do what the other wants every time.   More often than I would like to admit Karen has to convince me to stop dragging my feet.  Usually when I do drag my feet and Karen finally convinces me to try something I find that I like it and I am raring to go again.

The next time you have a second, sit down with your significant other and each of you write down a list of things you like to do.  Compare what you wrote down and take a few things from each list and go do them.  If you end up hating it let the other person know in a constructive way and why, and then try something from the other persons list.  Good luck and enjoy your time together.
K&K 2

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    Very Good. I like that. You all are such a sweet, wonderful couple.

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