Sep 21

Travel Tip: You Cannot Over Prepare

Whenever Karen and I are planning on where to go on our next trip we follow this simple travel tip, we create a personal checklist.  Karen’s role in our vacations is that she ultimately decides where we go; until our next adventure where we are letting our visitors (you guys!) decide where we will be going by voting on our poll on the side bar.  I usually try to give her five or six locations and then she will pick one.  After I get her to finally pick one, which is like pulling teeth, because she thinks I will blame her if the vacation ends up being a bad one.  In my defense, I have never done that and we have gone on quite a few vacations together.  If I do not let her make the ultimate decision and it was only up to me I would be heading out to some national park every vacation. kenny and karen at the top

I have a short check list of things that I now do before every vacation.  The first thing is to check at the local library or book store (preferably the library because it saves us money, it’s free) for any travel books on the location we are going.  I have had good luck using the Compass American Guide series, Eyewitness Travel, or National Geographic travel books.  I like using those three series because of the amount of pictures found in them.  Though l like to read and I read a lot when I am not using a travel guide, I prefer mine to have pictures so I can visually get a feel for what I want to see when I get there.  I will also try to get a photographer’s guide to that vacation spot because those books are chalk full of details on where, what time to go, and how to get the photographs that are in their books, which usually happens to be the best places to visit.
Travel Books

The second thing that I do is hit the world wide web for ideas on what to do while we are there.  I usually check out several different websites but my favorite ones to go to are Tripadvisor and Virtual Tourist.  I like those two websites because they are made up of user reviews.  Both of those websites have given Karen and me plenty of places we would not have even thought of or heard of.  Those websites helps us make each vacation we take very memorable because we go to places that we never even had on our mind when we were deciding where to go. This is exactly what Karen and I are looking for, a vacation that we can look back on fondly.

The third and last thing that I do is ask around.  If relatives, friends or colleagues have been to the vacation spot we are going to I ask them if they recommend something to go see.  Karen and I are not the exotic travelers we would like to be and hopefully someday we will become so, usually somebody at my work or hers has been to the places we are going.  Usually we find that there is no better advice then firsthand knowledge from people that we are close to.

After I complete those three steps I feel that I am ready for the vacation because I will have a list of things that I want to see, kind of want to see, and if we get to it great if not then there is always next time.  No this does not mean that we have a set time table when we are on vacation; it just means that when we get home we are not full of regrets that we missed something while we were there.  Hope this helps the next time you are planning a vacation. Happy Travels!

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  1. freda phillips

    Holy cow I didn’t even know about those travel books. I usually just look for Fodors or Frommers. Now I’ll have to go to the library just to look at your selections.

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