Sep 11

Frugal Date: Go to a Museum, Zoo, Art Gallery etc…

Karen and I were in Kansas last week and we decided to take a frugal date while we were on our Labor Day weekend trip.  We had been meaning to go back to the Kansas City Zoo and we had never been to the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum before so those two places became our date destinations.  According to our frugal date guideline we wanted to spend $50 or less on our date.  To check out our 10 frugal date ideas click here.   Us at the KC Zoo

We first started out at the Kansas City zoo which we really enjoyed now that they have added a new polar bear exhibit, and their African savanna area is top notch.  It seems like they have some big plans for the zoo over the next couple of years so I am sure Karen and I will make it a point to go back.  The cost for us to go to the zoo was $11.50 since we are members of our local zoo.  If you go to a zoo more than twice a year then we highly recommend buying a zoo membership.  We go to zoos a lot and our zoo membership has saved us at least a couple hundred dollars this year alone.
Karen's Hand

We were at the Kansas City zoo for about three and half hours, which brought us up to lunch time.  Karen got out her “fancy” phone to check to see if there were any Chili’s restaurants, Karen’s favorite, nearby, but there were not any.  Karen and I thought about eating at a barbeque place in Kansas City because that is what they are known for.  We thought about where to go, but after walking a lot at the zoo we decided to just go with something light.  So, we headed to Burger King where Karen got their tendergrill salad, and I just had a plain hamburger and fries.  We ended up splitting a drink and spent a total of $10.43.  While Burger King is not my idea of a great place for a lunch date it was convenient and on the way to the art museum.
Kenny and Karen infront of Lion

Our last stop on our date was the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, which was just unbelievable.  Karen and I have not been to very many art museums, but this one was easily the best one that we have ever been to.  The art museum had a little bit of everything from classical to modern and from photography to African art.  We could have easily spent a few more hours there then we did.  If we are ever back in the Kansas City area the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is top on our list of things to see.  The best part of the museum is that it is free.  We did spend $5.00 to park our vehicle, but that was the best $5.00 we spent all day.
Nelson Art Museum

$11.50 for two tickets to Kansas City Zoo thanks to our local zoo membership card
$10.43 for a burger and fries and a salad at Burger King for lunch
$5.00 for parking at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
= $26.93 of well spent money to see priceless works of art, lots of animals at a large zoo and the means to hang out with my wife in a great city all day long!

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  1. freda Phillips

    Great idea. It looks like a lot of fun, and less money than some couples spend on dinner. You guys are great. I like it.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      It was a lot of fun, thanks for reading!

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