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The Downtown Denver Aquarium

Sting RayThe Downtown Denver Aquarium is a wonderful aquarium for the city of Denver.  This Colorado aquarium will probably never set world records or be considered one of the best in the country, but if you want to see a well run aquarium that has plenty of attractions then this is a good place to start.Starfish

The aquarium is divided up into ten sections which range from rainforest, coral lagoons, to a wonderful North American wilderness area.  Karen and I have only been to a few aquariums which you can check out by clicking here.  Two of our visits have been more of the traditional type, which to me means they are just mainly displays of fish and other sea creatures, while this one and the Dallas World Aquarium are more like indoor zoos.Karen in Diver's Suit

Karen was amazed at the tiger enclosure.  It was very large with a waterfall, but the thing that amazed her most was the fact that the tigers in the exhibit can actually hunt the fish that are in their enclosure.  At first we thought there must be some sort of glass between the two species, but then we watched the short video that they have playing near the display and during the video you got to see a tiger go after an afternoon snack.

Tiger's Lair

Karen’s second favorite thing was the Shipwreck exhibit because part of the aquarium is below you.  We had never been to one where the fish can actually swim underneath your feet.  It was a pretty neat experience seeing a good size nurse shark resting right below you.
Fish swimming below

My favorite exhibit was the Coral Lagoons area.  If I could snorkel everyday of the year I would.  I just like being in the water and seeing the creatures in an aquarium, while not the same, still gives me a rush.  I probably told Karen at least a dozen times while we were there that I am ready to go back to the ocean.Exhibits

My second favorite exhibit was North American Wilderness exhibit, while freshwater fish are generally not that colorful compared to their ocean dwelling relatives, they are still fun to look at.  The Denver Aquarium has one of the nicest freshwater areas around.  I really liked how they had each aquarium displayed and labeled and the river otter area was very large and natural looking.Rainbow Trout

The Denver Aquarium had a little bit everything, besides the enclosures I have already mentioned there was a desert area that was home to a variety of snakes, amphibians, and lizards.  There was a large touch pool where you can hand feed sting rays.  There is even a restaurant where you can eat hat has a floor to ceiling tank stock full of salt-water fish.  Also at the restaurant area you can catch their mermaid show which Karen was particularly fond of.Mermaid Show

The aquarium is housed in a beautiful building that is clean and nicely laid out.  There were only two things that Karen and I thought could have been better.  First is the lighting.  They seemed to rely too much on skylights, which normally I am all for, but on the day we were there it stormed in Denver which made for a much darker setting than it probably normally has.  Secondly I did not personally care for the animatronics eagle and orangutan but I am sure the kiddos love it.  I would rather see live animals or just leave them out all together.Downtown Denver Aquarium

Overall, I would visit the aquarium again if I was ever in the Denver area.  The one thing that I am not too fond of is the price, but it seems reasonable once I take the time and compare it to other aquariums that are the same price.  However, I was not happy about paying an additional $7.00 to park.  To get our money’s worth Karen and I walked through the aquarium twice, something we highly recommend doing.

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Downtown Denver Aquarium
Located at 700 Water Street
Hours of Operation Sunday to Thursday 10 a.m. 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 9:30
Cost as of 2011 Adults 12-64 is $15.99 Seniors 65 and over is $14.99 and Children 3 to 11 is $9.99 and $7.00 for parking
For more information visit their website at http://www.aquariumrestaurants.com/downtownaquariumdenver/default.asp
Touch Pool


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    Very pretty to look at but don’t let my nose get in any water, except maybe the shower. haha

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