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Sep 30

Cripple Creek: An Old Mining Town Turned Casino

Main Street

Karen and I were traveling through the Colorado Springs area and decided to spend the day seeing some of the smaller communities around that area.  We started off the day by going to North Cheyenne Canon Park for a little hiking and then went to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park.  We …

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Sep 29

Photography Tip: 10 Tips for Taking Pictures at Zoos

Red Panda

I know I would love to go on safari in Chobe National Park in Africa, or dive for a week on the Great Barrier Reef, off the coase of Australia, but on a teacher and an account manager for a local business salary we do not have the means to go to those types of exotic locales.  …

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Sep 28

USS Bowfin Submarine Museum: Oahu

Anti-Aircraft Guns

The USS Bowfin Submarine Museums is the home of the USS Bowfin a Balao-class submarine that saw action during World War II and the Korean War.  Named the Bowfin for the predatory fish that lives in the Great Lakes region, it lived up to that name as well as its nickname, the Pearl Harbor Avenger, when …

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Sep 27

Front Yard: Adding to the Sprinkler System

Kenny laying pipeline

Growing up out in the country our biggest challenge was mowing the lawn, and since it was a riding lawn mower my dad usually took care of it. I think there were few things my dad liked more on a Saturday afternoon than sitting on his lawnmower and cutting the grass. We never did a …

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Sep 26

National World War I Museum: Kansas City

french Tank

The National World War I Museum in Kansas City is, without a doubt, the best history museum that Karen and I have ever been to.  Neither of us have ever been to the east coast so we cannot compare the ones that are out there, but this place just left us both speechless.   The museum did …

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Sep 25

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie “The impossible could not have happened; therefore the impossible must be possible in spite of appearances” Murder on the Orient Express is a murder mystery novel that is on our list of top 150 books ever written.   It was also the first audio novel that we have …

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Sep 24

Anhinga Trail: Everglades National Park

alligator with crane

Anhinga Trail is a very easy, wheelchair accessible, trail at the Royal Palm Visitor Center in Everglades National Park.  The trail is around three fourths of a mile round trip and is one of the most popular trails in the park because of its accessibility for hikers of all abilities and its abundance of wildlife.  …

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Sep 23

What Makes Our Marriage Work: Try Things Your Significant Other Likes


Marriage Tip – Try Things Your Significant Other Likes Karen and I come from very different backgrounds, we both come from loving families and are truly blessed to come from such stable homes.  However, growing up Karen became involved in music in the 4th grade when she started playing the violin.  She later taught herself …

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Sep 22

Denver Botanic Gardens: A Beautiful Spot in the City

Walking Path

Denver Botanic Garden in Cheesman Park and contains more than 15,000 species of plants.  It is a large 23 acre botanical garden that is home to North America’s largest collection of plants from a cold temperate climate, but that is not all that the garden has in store for its visitors.  There are many different …

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Sep 21

Travel Tip: You Cannot Over Prepare


Whenever Karen and I are planning on where to go on our next trip we follow this simple travel tip, we create a personal checklist.  Karen’s role in our vacations is that she ultimately decides where we go; until our next adventure where we are letting our visitors (you guys!) decide where we will be going by voting on our poll …

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