Aug 30

Frugal Date: Matinee and Lunch

AMC TheaterKaren and I finally found some time to go on one of our 10 frugal dates that we wrote about way back in June.  To get caught up to speed check out our 10 frugal date ideas by clicking on the hyperlink.  We have just been super busy lately and last weekend we sat down and decided we needed to take a break and go on a date so we did.

We ended up picking the matinee and lunch date because we had not been to the movies in a little over a year and wanted to see the last Harry Potter film before it left the theater.  We were both big fans of the books and we like the movies so we figured we should go see it.
HP 7

Karen and I watched the movie at our local AMC Theater and splurged for the 3D IMAX version.  Karen wanted Harry to go out with a bang, while I on the other hand would have been happy just seeing it the “old fashion way.”  Since I did not feel like sleeping on the couch I let her have her way.  To keep our budget under the $50.00 price we choose the 10:00 a.m. showing which gave us a savings of $9.00.  The movie did not disappoint and the 3D IMAX version was good.  I do not know if it was worth the extra six bucks, but since it was the last movie of the franchise I could be persuaded that it was.
At the movies

After the movie, we drove down to Steak and Shake for lunch, and on our way there we discussed the movie.  Karen was a little confused on a couple of things that I cleared up for her, and she reminded me of a few things that were in the book that she would have liked to see in the film.  By the time we reached the restaurant we came to the conclusion that the last movie was fit well within the Harry Potter films.
Steak and Shake

At Steak and Shake we both drank water since we are trying to stay away from pop.  I had a double steak burger with cheese and fries and Karen had the royale burger with fries.  Both burgers were delicious.

$22.00 for 2 IMAX 3D Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Tickets
$9.73 for 2 burgers and fries at Steak and Shake (plus $2.00 tip)
4 Hours of not worrying about our jobs or home and just spending time with my wife
= $33.73 of well spent money on a frugal date

Photos via Romenews-tribune.com, obayashiusa.com, and harry-potter-7-movie-trailer.blogspot.com

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  1. freda phillips

    Sounds like you had a great time. I’m proud of you for being so frugal.

  2. Stephanie

    So, sad….I wanted to see that one in the theater but I haven’t see part 1 yet. I am sure it was great. I know someday I will make time for those last 2!!

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