Aug 23

Manoa Falls – Oahu

Manoa Falls 3Manoa Falls Trail is a very popular trail that leads to a 150-foot waterfall.  The reason that the waterfall is so popular is that it surrounded by beautiful forest and it is on the outskirts of Honolulu on the Island of Oahu.  The trail is a little less than a mile each way with a gradual slop making it an easy walk both directions.  It can be muddy at times so wear appropriate shoes and bring insect repellent, the mosquitoes can be mighty fierce.
Next to the Trail

The trail was mainly dirt, lined with a few boards to walk on along the way.  This was the first waterfall that Karen and I visited on Oahu.  In fact, being our first vacation together there were a lot of firsts.  Like the first time that I slipped and fell in front of Karen and the first time that she laughed at me for falling down.  I was not watching were I was going and of course it was wet, being a tropical island what do you expect, and down I went.  I could hear a little bit of laughing behind me.  She was trying to hold it in, but that did not last very long.  I tried to shake it off and act like it was no big deal, but now we both laugh about it even to this day she still denies that she cracked up.
Creek by the trail

This waterfall is very nice, not the very best one we have ever seen in the islands, but a good one none the less.  The only thing that made it a little difficult was going over some of the tree roots and rocks but if you just watch your step and be careful about slipping in the mud you should have a wonderful time checking out Manoa Falls.  Karen and I have found it is always better to take all your stuff out of your car with you and just leave your car empty and unlocked.  At the Manoa Falls parking lot we saw two rental cars with their windows bashed in.  Fortunately for us we had taken everything out of our car and our doors were unlocked so they left our vehicle alone.
Manoa Falls

Karen and I highly recommend the Manoa Falls Trail just use common sense when it comes to leaving possessions in your car, bring plenty of insect repellent, and be careful with your footing and you should have a wonderful experience checking out one of the many beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii.
The Trail

Manoa Falls
Located at the end of Manoa Road Honolulu
Cost $5.00 to park at the Paradise Park
For more information visit their website at http://hawaiitrails.ehawaii.gov/trail.php?TrailID=OA+19+007

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  1. freda phillips

    Okay, now tell me more about this falling down. Was it just down to the knee, or all the way lying down dirt and mud everywhere. Glad you didn’t get hurt too bad. I’m laughing now too. By the way the waterfall is beautiful.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I guess laughing at me must run in the family- It was more like a banana peel fall where my legs were just swept out from under me

  2. freda phillips

    Sorry your legs were swept out from under you, but Karen should have used your August 18 photography tip “Always have your camera ready” then we could all laugh provided you didn’t get hurt. But I’m still gunning for you to beat you (and all the men) at train game and chicken foot. Fun times too bad you’ll had to go home so early. lol

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