Aug 15

Old Faithful Hike to Observation Point

Marmot at Observation PointKaren and I saw back to back to back eruptions of Old Faithful as we took the Old Faithful Hike to Observation Point.  We went early in the morning to miss most of the crowd and were extremely lucky because just as we reached the boardwalk and approached the famous geyser, Old Faithful erupted into the air.  We got in a wonderful view of it, but we were not alone.  About the same time we were taking in the views a bison decided to join us on the boardwalk.  Karen and I gave it a wide birth but so many other people would just walk right up to it like they were planning to hop on it and go for a ride.  They were getting so close that a park ranger had to step over there and remind people that a bison can run over 30 mph and they will hurt you if they put their mind to it.  The bison did mosey on but that was not that last time that we saw that scenerio played out that day.
Buffalo at Old Faithful

Karen and I then took the boardwalk around and crossed the Firehole River and walked the 1.8 mile loop that is the Observation Point Trail.  The trail winds up and you will get about 150 feet of elevation gain to reach the observation point.  It will take at least 30 minutes to reach the point depending on how fast you walk, how crowded the trail is, and how frequent you stop and take pictures, it might be a little more or less.
Karen watching Old Faithful

We basically had the whole area to ourselves, which is pretty amazing considering how crowded the boardwalk was below.  The observation point gives wonderful views of the Upper Geyser Basin which is probably one of the most remarkable places on Earth. Karen and I got to see several different geysers erupt while we were up there.  Once again an animal decided to join in on our viewing.  It was not the buffalo that I mentioned earlier but this time a yellow bellied marmot.  The marmot just hung out with us for a while enjoying the eruption of Old Faithful.
Observation Point

Karen and I then took the rest of the loop making it back to the board walk, stopping and looking at several other geysers along the way.  As we were crossing the Firehole River we ran into the same bison again.  It was grazing right on the other side of a short wooden fence.  Most people stopped to check out the bisons temperament before they moved on and then they moved rather quickly through, but there was one guy who decided it was a perfect time to get that family “up close” picture he probably posted on Facebook.  He took his child who was strapped in a stroller, parked it right next to the fence just feet away from the bison, took about four steps back and started clicking away.  I will never understand people.  That bison could have made mincemeat of the fence in a matter of seconds if it wanted to.  Luckily the story ends happily.  The bison just kept munching on the grass and guy got his Yellowstone picture.
Buffalo near Filehole River

As we were walking back by Old Faithful we saw it erupt one last time, but by that time the crowd had become so large it was hard to get an unobstructed view so Karen and I just headed back to the car and took off for our next adventure in Wyoming.
Old Faithful Geyser

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  1. freda phillips

    amazing is all I can say.

  2. Sam

    Love your photo of the bison on the board walk! Yellowstone offers such amazing opportunities to photograph animals.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you for those kind comments. Yellowstone is one of my favorite places that I have ever been to and you are absolutely right about Yellowstone being a great opportunity to take photos.

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