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Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center: Woodland Park

T-Rex SkullThe Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center, located in the small town of Woodland Park, Colorado seems like it could be just another tourist trap, but it is far from it.  It is a wonderful dinosaur museum/resource center that has many dinosaur exhibits including a full size Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.  The center also provides many dinosaur casts for major museums around the world.  In fact, while we there the owner and his team were currently working on large eighty foot long sauropod type dinosaur for a museum in Tennessee.Marine Dinosaur

The resource center has seven distinctive areas in its 20,000 square foot museum.  The 1st area you will come to is a dino-photo area where you can purchase a photograph of you and your family in danger of being eaten by a T-Rex.  Basically you will stand in front of a green screen and they will take your picture.  Karen and I quickly skipped that part and moved on to the 2nd area which is the dinosaur hall.  The dinosaur hall is packed with dinosaur skeletons.

Karen was a little disappointed that they were casts and not the original fossils, but if you take the very informative tour that is included in the admission price they will tell you that a lot of the original fossils/casts are found in some of the most famous museums in the world like the Royal Tyrell in Canada or the American Museum of Natural History in Washington.  The next area is a wonderful hands-on section where there is a children’s dig site, push buttom activities, and other things for children or those young at heart to partake in.  Diggin up Bones

The 4th area is a prehistoric ocean exhibit with lots of marine reptiles and fish.  The last couple of zones contain a small theater followed by the fossil lab where they are currently working on making casts of dinosaur’s bones the resource center staff has discovered.  Finally the last part of your visit will be going through the gift shop, which we also moved quickly through.

The Rocky Mountain Dinosaur and Resource Center is the perfect size for a small town like Woodland Park.  If you go in thinking that you are going to the Smithsonian then you might want to step outside and look around to see where you actually are.  In reality, for a town that size to have this nice of a dinosaur center, is pretty neat.
Dinosaur Display

Karen and I recommend going to the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center at least once if you are in the area.  Since it is not the biggest place in the world it might not be a great place to go multiple times unless your children really like dinosaurs.  According to their brochure, because it is a working lab, the exhibits are constantly changing.  We cannot back up that statement because we have only been to the center once.  For what it is, the price is reasonable considering it is right in line with about everything else around it.  Your visit will take you about an hour to two to go through the museum.  We also recommend that you take the guided tour because the guides were very informative and friendly.  Karen and I also recommend that after you take the tour you take another walk around the museum so by the time you leave you will had feel like you have gotten your money’s worth.
Dinosaur Eggs

Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
Located at 201 S. Fairview St. Woodland Park, Colorado
Hours of Operation- Open 7 Days a Week – Monday through Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Years
Cost of Admission as of 2011- Adults 13 and over are $11.50 Seniors 65 and over are $10.50 Children 5 to 12 are $7.50
For more information visit their website at http://www.rmdrc.com/
Dinosaur Resource Center

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  1. Miguel Gonzalez

    im going to the dinosaur resource center in colorado next week, i was wondering what year these photos where taken?

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Hi Miguel, these pictures were taken in the Summer of 2011. We hope you enjoy your trip, we love woodland park!!

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