Aug 04

Number 7: Mammoth Hot Springs – Yellowstone

Mammoth Hot SpringsNumber 7 is a photograph of Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces in Yellostone National Park.  The terraces were formed when the heated water from the Morris-Mammoth fault bubbles up to the service where carbonate and calcium combine to make travertine. The terraces are constantly changing because the spring can go dormant for years before they start back up again.  Another neat feature about Mammoth Hot Springs is the amount of elk that hang out there.  Take any of the trails and it will be easy for you to spot many of them in any direction that you look.

I like this photograph because it shows just how different the Yellowstone landscape can be.  Karen must have said a dozen times during the trip and at least a dozen more times after that Yellowstone is like visiting another planet.  I also like the power that is portrayed in this photo from the electric field of gold color in the middle to the powerful storm clouds.  Every time I go to Yellowstone National Park the power of nature is very prevalent.  I wish I could go back at least once a year to that magical spot in Wyoming.

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  1. freda phillips

    I wish you could go back also (and maybe take me with you.) That picture looks awsome.

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