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Jul 21

P90X: First 30 Days


Well, we finally broke down and decided if we are ever going to get in shape now is the time.  We are both turning 30 this year and while in different points in our lives we have both been in pretty decent shape, over the last couple of years since we have been married we …

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Jul 20

Sedgwick County Zoo – Wichita

Grizzly Bear

The Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita is the biggest and nicest zoo in Kansas, which might not be saying much because there are not that many zoos.  It is a really large zoo with many animals (around 2,500) that represent over 500 species.  Since 2000 the zoo has been going through and remodeling and enduring a …

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Jul 19

Number 9: Sunset at Arches National Park

Sunset at Arches versions 2

Number 9 is a photograph of sunset at Arches National Park in Utah.  Karen and I have both been to Arches twice, and we plan on going back sometime in the next year when we are heading back to the Grand Canyon.  I really like Arches because, to me, it has that quintessential rustic western …

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Jul 18

Museum of World Treasures:An Impressive Collection for Kansas


The Wichita Museum of World Treasures is a jack of all trades museum.  This museum has a little bit of everything, from dinosaur bones to a fighter pilot flight suit and Marilyn Monroe’s gloves to a section of the Berlin Wall.  While it is not the biggest or best museum it does have an impressive …

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Jul 17

Photography Tip: Get Eye Level


A simple photography tip to make your photographs better is to take pictures with your camera from the subject’s eye level to capture the power of their eyes.  For kids and pets that means getting down to their height to take the picture.  Taking pictures from their level will create a personal and inviting feeling instead …

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Jul 16

Bear Country USA – Rapid City


Karen and I were on our way to Yellowstone National Park for our summer vacation and had decided to go through South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore.  If you have ever driven on Interstate 90 you know about the massive amount of bill boards that are posted every other mile.  Well, after the tenth time …

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Jul 15

Pololu Valley: Big Island


Pololu Valley is one of the prettiest spots on the Big Island, which is saying a lot since the whole island is such a beautiful place.  The valley is home to Pololu Beach which is a black sand beach.  Karen and I did not get in the water because the surf and currents seemed way …

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Jul 14

Wai’alea Beach Park: Big Island

Wai'alea Beach Park

Wai’alea Beach Park is a gem of a spot for snorkeling or swimming in Hawaii. Karen and I really enjoyed this park and went to it several times while we were visiting the Big Island. The facilities of the park are very nice. It had a paved parking lot, restrooms, shower and drinking water everything …

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Jul 13

Number 10: San Fernando Cathedral – San Antonio

San Fernando Cathedral

Number 10 is a photograph of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio.  Growing up in Kansas and spending the last ten years in the plains there have not been a whole lot of opportunities for me to see pre 1800’s architecture.  I find it very interesting to be around old buildings and to see how modern society …

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Jul 12

Makaiwa Bay – The Big Island

Yellow Tang

Karen and I love to snorkel.  It is one of our favorite past times and we try to plan at least one of our vacations every year around that activity.  Snorkeling was one of the reasons that we picked Hawaii and more specifically the Big Island as a vacation destination and we were not disappointed.  There …

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