Jul 28

Number 8: Mount Rushmore

Mount RushmoreNumber 8 is a photograph of Mount Rushmore through two rocks.  I am an 8th U.S. History teacher so I just love the area around the Black Hills in South Dakota.  You have Custer State Park with their 1500 free roaming bison, Badlands National Park, and the massive rock statue of Crazy Horse (not completed although they have been working on off and on since 1948).  Mount Rushmore is one of those sites that you have to get into the spirit of the monument to take in the full effect.  I know my wife thought it was going to look a lot bigger then it is, but it is not the size of the rock that matters, but what those four men did for our country.  I highly encourage anybody who is planning to take their family to Mount Rushmore, please read up on your history and relearn some of the greatness that was Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Jefferson.

I like this photograph because it is naturally framed by stone giving it the deep contrasting colors of black and the bright blue of the sky.  A deeper meaning to me is the fact that the stone also book ends the two most important presidents of all time.  Washington who helped start the country by keeping the Continental Army together to win it, and then came back from retirement to give our Constitution strength after the failure that was the Articles of Confederation.   Lincoln fought to unite the union after the South split away over state’s rights and then the passing of his emancipation proclamation.  Both of these presidents are the rock that forms the foundation of our country.

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  1. freda phillips

    Preach on Kenny!!
    You are a good teacher. I think I should attend your class, although I might look a little out of place. There are lots of things you could teach me. Somehow when you are in school (at least I did) I only wanted to make an A on the test. Now I wish I would have delved in a little deeper.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks you are the third person today that has said that I am a good teacher and two of them were actually former students- It is always good to hear that.

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