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Endurocross – Motorcycle Racing

David KnightEndurocross or Enduro-X is a great sporting event to go and see if it is ever in your area.  It is completely different than anything you have ever seen before.  Endurocross is a dirt bike (or trials bike) race that is held indoors.  It is where you get to see just how talented and technical the best riders in the world can be.  Enduro-X involves taking difficult outdoor sections of an enduro race, ramping them up, and bringing them inside into a motocross arena and having the riders compete to see who will be the fastest.
Practice Run

The race is similar to a motocross event.  The riders start off in a starting gate with a small straight away to build up speed but that is where the similarities stop.  After the initial start the riders then have to navigate through or over rocks, boulders, logs, sand, mud, a water hole and sometimes special obstacles like monster truck tires.  It is pretty amazing how these riders can make it through all of that and still be racing.
Dad and Me

My dad is really into dirt bikes and has been racing since he was young and I started to get into in my late teens.  I never got into racing, but my dad and I try to ride a couple times a year.  My dad still races and all of his hard work have paid off because he has a whole room in his house that is full of trophies and plaques.  With that type of background going to watch some of the best riders in the world really peak his and my interest and about 4 or 5 years ago the Endurocross Tour was coming close to where we live so we just had to go.  We have been going ever since and we check every year to see if they will be rolling into town.
Big Tire

The crowds have never been that large at the events we have attended, which is a shame because it really is an interesting race.  Hopefully now that Endurocross has been added to the X-Games for 2011 the sport will grow even more.
The Track

If you are into any type of racing or even if you are not you might want to check it out.  Even my wife enjoys it every time that we go.

For more information check out their website at http://www.endurocross.com/

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