Jul 21

P90X: First 30 Days

Well, we finally broke down and decided if we are ever going to get in shape now is the time.  We are both turning 30 this year and while in different points in our lives we have both been in pretty decent shape, over the last couple of years since we have been married we kind of let ourselves go a little bit.  I guess that is married life for you there just seems to be no team for exercise.

I guess it started for me a couple of years ago when I was trying to get myself back in shape to run another half-marathon.  I first started running them when I was college and it was not too bad.  A couple of months before the race I would start running and work my way up, and since I was playing soccer in college I was never really out of shape.  Unfortunately, once I graduated and started teaching my workout time became a little bit shorter.  Then a few years later when I met Karen my workout time became even less of a priority.  Over the course of a few years, I went from about 165 pounds in college to a staggering 225 pounds.  Trying to get in shape for my annual half-marathon became harder and harder and eventually my shins just could not take it anymore.  I ended up not doing a race for two years.

Last school year, as soon as I got done with coaching soccer, I decided I wanted to get myself back in shape and finally in April I was able to complete my first half marathon in quite a while.  I did not want to stop there so I went out and bought the P90X series.  I had seen the infomercials enough times I finally came to the conclusion that it was the workout for me.  My wife is willing to give just about anything her best effort and she decided to give it a go when she could.

When the box came I did not follow all the instructions and I threw the diet plan out the window.  Karen and I do try to eat more fruits and vegetables than junk food, and we try to stay away from soda and other unhealthy drinks but that is about all the dieting we are doing right now.  If we make it through the first 90 days and do not like the result we might give the diet another look.

I am not going to lie to you the first 30 days were pretty rough, but it was exciting at the same time.  It feels like we are accomplishing something, and we both feel that we are getting stronger.  Though we have both been sore every day we have not missed any days.  I would classify the soreness as a good soreness, the type that lets you know you are getting a great workout in, not the type that says back off you are about to injure yourself.

Well, with the running and now the P90-X first 30 days over I am down to 202 pounds.  I feel a lot better than I did.  Maybe this soccer season I will be able to keep up with my players a little bit more.  30 Days down 60 more to go.

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