Jul 19

Number 9: Sunset at Arches National Park

Sunset Arches National ParkNumber 9 is a photograph of sunset at Arches National Park in Utah.  Karen and I have both been to Arches twice, and we plan on going back sometime in the next year when we are heading back to the Grand Canyon.  I really like Arches because, to me, it has that quintessential rustic western vibe.  On the day of this picture Karen and I were just about to leave the park thinking that the sun was not going to break through the clouds.  We had already hiked several trails that day and we were ready to head back to Moab to have dinner when right after we passed the petrified dunes viewpoint the sun broke through.  We thought about turning around and heading back to Delicate Arch, but I figured we would not have made it in time, and our stomachs were telling his to head back.

I talked Karen into letting me stop along the side of the road and take some pictures of the sunset hitting the rock formations in the distance.  I like the play of sunlight on the center rock formation to make it stand out.  I got back in the car told Karen I wanted to stop one more time at the Courthouse Towers, which she acquiesced to, which is truly amazing considering she was hungry, and she knows that time can escape me when I am taking pictures.  (Something I have learned in my travels- never cross a hungry woman).  Eventually we made it back to Moab and had the great burger and malt at Milts’ Stop and Eat.

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  1. freda phillips

    That’s right never cross a hungry woman especially Karen!!!!!!!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Yeah, I learned that lesson real quick.

  2. Cecilia

    This is beautiful! You could go into the business of making postcards.

    1. Kenny and Karen


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