Jul 17

Photography Tip: Get Eye Level

Bird Eye Level

A simple photography tip to make your photographs better is to take pictures with your camera from the subject’s eye level to capture the power of their eyes.  For kids and pets that means getting down to their height to take the picture.  Taking pictures from their level will create a personal and inviting feeling instead of a distant feeling that shooting from above often does.  Also, you do not have stay there and wait for them to make direct eye contact with the camera, sometimes capturing a picture of them looking in the distance or following their eyes to see what they are looking at can be just as good.

Griffin Eye Level

Griffen with Christmas Lights

We all have seen thousands of pets or children in our lifetimes and nine times out of ten it is usually from our own perspective looking down at them.  So shooting him, her, or it from their perspective shows how they are seeing the world.  Remember that it is ok to crouch down, sit on the floor, or lay on your belly to get a shot.  Even if it is in public it is definitely ok to look out of place to get the shot.  I have hung over edges, climbed higher on rocks, and done other things a little out of the norm to get a picture, and I am sure not a professional with a fancy camera with a white lens, so if I can do it anybody else on this planet can.

Regan Eye Level

Now, being full grown height for the last 15 years of my life, I sometimes forget what it is like to see the world from a shorter vantage point.  Getting a picture from that perspective kind of reminds the viewer what it was like being a kid.  It gives that ah-ha moment like seeing the jungle gym bars that used to look so big and now as you take your own kids back to the same playground as an adult those bars that seemed so distant long ago are barely over your head.

Bryce Eye Level

So, next time you’re capturing a photograph of an animal or small child, don’t be afraid to get down low to get the shot.

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  1. Cecilia Schell

    You just better be careful getting down to their level don’t want you getting hurt. Really love the pictures especially the baby. You really captured his innocence.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      You are right I have to be careful with my young nieces and nephews they are pretty wild and crazy and that Regan is sure a mean old dog! : )

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