Jul 15

Pololu Valley: Big Island

Overlook 3Pololu Valley is one of the prettiest spots on the Big Island, which is saying a lot since the whole island is such a beautiful place.  The valley is home to Pololu Beach which is a black sand beach.  Karen and I did not get in the water because the surf and currents seemed way too strong for us or most people.  We did however really enjoy the walk down, seeing the views of the beach backed by rugged cliffs, and our time on the black sand beach.  We did not enjoy the walk back up so much, but it was definitely worth it. Pololu Valley is a must see if you find yourself on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Trail Down

The hike down is graded, but it could be slippery when wet.  It took us anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes to get down, probably a little bit longer because I wanted to take so many pictures.  It is a series of switchbacks down a somewhat steep and rocky path.  When heading back up I would say double the time it took you to get down and that would give you a good estimate on how long the hike will take you.  Besides being a little steep the path is easy to follow.  Just make sure you bring some bug repellant for the mosquitoes.
The Valley

When reaching the bottom you will come across an area that has a rather large swing, which is good stopping point to just relax and view the beautiful surroundings where you find yourself.  The black sand beach is the perfect place to relax, catch some rays, and have a picnic.  Karen and I highly recommend just going down there to relax and just listen to the waves rush over the rocks and hit the beach.  It truly is a wonderful sound that just seems to cleanse the soul of all the everyday worries we all have.
Overlooking Pololu Valley

Getting to Pololu Valley is pretty easy, just head North from Kailua-Kona on Highway 19 and either continue going north on 270 all the way around to the end of the highway or stay on Highway 19 and head east until you hit 250 or Kohala Montain Road.  Kohala Mountain Road will take you to the town of Hawi, go east on Highway 270 until the end of the highway.  Kohala Mountain Road is also very scenic.  If you are on the Hilo side of the island take Highway 19 North until you hit 250 and follow the directions listed above.
Pololu Valley

The parking area is a bit small so you might want to get there early.  I imagine that sunrise would just be magical.

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