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Wai’alea Beach Park: Big Island

Wai'alea Beach ParkWai’alea Beach Park is a gem of a spot for snorkeling or swimming in Hawaii. Karen and I really enjoyed this park and went to it several times while we were visiting the Big Island. The facilities of the park are very nice. It had a paved parking lot, restrooms, shower and drinking water everything that you would need for a day at the beach and the snorkeling was just out of this world.

The beach park is easy to get to and once you are there take the paved path down to the beach. Straight out from the path there is a nice sandy area for swimming. Karen and I usually entered from there and swam to our left around a huge lava rock. There is good snorkeling all around the rock that is peeking out of the water. Snorkeling is also very good to the right of the beach in the rocky area. The snorkeling at the left side of the beach is also very interesting. Overall you really cannot go in a wrong direction for snorkeling once you leave the sandy area.
School of Fish

Karen and I easily spent several hours there every time we were at this park. The rocks, beautiful blue water, beached drift wood, and fish made this a beautiful place to snorkel. It seemed like this park was very popular and we could see why the park became very busy around 11:00 every day that we were there, but in the early morning hours we basically had this beach to ourselves. The park opens up at 7 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. We recommend that you go early if you do not like crowds or, if you do, spend the whole day there because it is such a wonderful spot.

Wai’alea Beach Park is located on Highway 19 between Hapuna Beach Park and Puako. Take Highway 19 north, and then turn toward Puako on Puako Road. Take the first road on the right and drive a half a mile. Look for a gate that leads to a paved parking lot on the left. The parking lot has a paved section that holds about thirty cars. If there are no spaces left just park in the flat gravel area next to the parking lot.

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