Jul 13

Number 10: San Fernando Cathedral – San Antonio

San Fernando Cathedral
Number 10 is a photograph of San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio.  Growing up in Kansas and spending the last ten years in the plains there have not been a whole lot of opportunities for me to see pre 1800’s architecture.  I find it very interesting to be around old buildings and to see how modern society has built around town squares or old churches.   Unfortunately, most of my traveling has been primarily west of the Mississippi River and I have never left the United States.  Being a kid from Kansas and when your parents do not have very many vacation days it can severely limit your options of where you go on vacation.  I am just thankful and happy that my parents were able to take my brother and me on vacations.  My family did take several nice vacations when I was little, and they all happened to be in the Rocky Mountains.  Not that I am complaining.  Since I have become an adult and started to think of places I want to see the Rocky Mountains usually tops the list.   Hopefully over the next couple of years Karen and I will do some traveling outside the United States, but every time I think about going to a beach or big city the mountains keep calling me back.

Karen and I got to stay one night in San Antonio, and the next morning we got up and walked along the river walk.  After breakfast we stopped by the Alamo again to take the tour and started to walk back to our hotel to pack up and leave.  On our way back we stopped at what looks like the city square.  San Fernando Cathedral is on one side, some shops are on the other, and in between is a sitting area and some wonderful spray fountains for those hot Texas days.   It was a wonderful morning and I am glad Karen and I spent a little bit more time in San Antonio.

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