Jul 11

Trout Lake Trail – Yellowstone National Park

Trout Lake TrailheadTrout Lake trail was the first hike that Karen and I took when we were visiting Yellowstone National Park.  We were in the park in early summer and the hike was just wonderful.  After driving most from of the morning from Montana to Wyoming Karen and I finally arrived at the east entrance of the park, and went to stretch out our legs.  Trout Lake Trail is a wonderful place to take a short hike.
Trout Lake Feeding Soda Butte Creek

The hike is about two miles round trip which we would classify as an easy hike.  The trail does however climb up a short distance as it winds up a steep sloop through a forest before reaching Trout Lake.  Because of the elevation difference from where we live we were just a tad bit out of breath upon reaching the lake, but overall it was not a difficult hike at all.  The trail then circumnavigates the lake.  The small lake sits in breathtaking scenery as it is surrounded by mountains.
Karen taking on the Trail

Since Karen and I do not fish very much we did not take the hike with that in mind, though it seems to be very popular for anglers.  We took this hike hoping to see some of the otters that make the lake their home.  Unfortunately, we did not.  We did however see a few buffalo in the distance and lots of buffalo footprints by the lake.  At the time of our hike there were a few people out fishing who seemed to be doing quite well, so if we ever go again we might want to bring our fishing poles.
Trout Lake

Trout Lake is on the Northeast Entrance Road just southwest of Pebble Creek Campground.  Karen and I highly recommend this hike for anyone who is into fishing or just getting out of your car to stretch your legs.  It is a relatively short hike that takes anywhere from an hour to two hours to complete.  The scenery was extraordinary and it gives any visitor a chance to get away from the crowds since the short hike seems to be a well kept secret.
Karen at Trout Lake

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