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Akaka Falls State Park – Big Island

Stairway to the FallsAkaka Falls State Park is home to two wonderful waterfalls on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Kahuna Falls is a 100 foot waterfall and Akaka Falls, which the park is named after, plunges 442 feet.  Akaka Falls is perhaps the Big Island’s best known waterfall.  It was my favorite waterfall on our trip to the Big Island, while Karen’s was Umauma Falls.  It is really easy to see both waterfalls along the four tenths of a mile Akaka Falls loop trail.

The walking trail is paved and slightly uphill in spots.  It also contains a few steps so it is not wheelchair accessible, but overall it was a pleasant walk.  Karen and I recommend walking the route counterclockwise to save the views of Akaka Falls for last.  Kahuna Falls is a nice waterfall but it is somewhat of an obstructed view due to the lush vegetation.  We also recommend you bring insect repellant and an umbrella since the falls are on the rainy side of the island.

The park takes about thirty minutes to walk through, but Karen and I stretched it to about an hour stopping several times to look at the scenery and flora.  The park is like its own tropical garden.  A lot of the visitors who were there only stopped to look at Akaka Falls and then they were on their way.  Take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Akaka Falls State Park is at the end of Highway 220 or Akaka Falls Road about three and a half miles from the town of Honomu.
Cost as of 2011 – $5 per car or $1 per pedestrian
For more information visit Akaka Falls State Park website at http://www.hawaiistateparks.org/hawaiistateparks/parks/hawaii/index.cfm?park_id=2
Akaka Falls

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