Jul 06

Number 11: Old Faithful Observation Point

Yellowstone Observation Point
Number 11 is a photograph of the geysers seen from the Old Faithful Observation Point.  Early one morning while Karen and I were in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming we decided to beat the crowds and go see Old Faithful erupt.  Our timing could not have been more perfect!  We arrived and within five minutes Old Faithful did its thing.  We then walked around seeing a buffalo split up a group of people as it meandered around the geysers.  I still cannot get over the fact that so many people at Yellowstone think they are at a zoo.  Despite the many warnings from the park rangers, people think all the animals are in safe enclosures.  There was a young man pushing his two year daughter in a stroller within a couple of feet of a buffalo who left her there and took a picture.  It was a little ridiculous.  I gave Karen my camera and backpack in case someone needed to leap in and save the girl, but then the father probably would have yelled at me for being crazy and trying to hurt his daughter.  Luckily the little girl was not harmed and the buffalo just stood there.  I wish people would listen to the park rangers a little more closely.

To get this particular picture Karen and I walked up the 1.5 mile partial loop observation trail.  From the observation point you can see Old Faithful Lodge, several geysers, and the size and scale of the geyser basin.  While we were up there waiting for Old Faithful to erupt we got to see several other geysers go off and two yellow-bellied marmots kept us company.  It was a cloudy day when the picture was taken, so the lighting is not very good, but the picture gives a good representation of the many geysers that are in Yellowstone, as well as how high the observation point is.  I keep trying to talk Karen into going back to Yellowstone sooner rather than later.  If I was a multimillionaire and could afford multiple homes I would have one on the Big Island of Hawaii and one near Yellowstone.  I think both places are paradise on earth.

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