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Travel Tip 2 – Make a Soundtrack for your Vacation

Happy Music NoteFor our first vacation together Karen went out and bought shampoo, lotion, and soap of all of the same fragrance.  I did not think anything of it at the time.  At that point she had not clued me in to what she was up too.  The scent was Bath and Body Works “Midnight Pomegranate” and it has now become a scent that triggers our memories of the Hawaiian Islands.  We have been to Oahu and Hawaii and on both trips we have used the same type of shampoo, lotion, and soap, and now, a couple of times a year she will put on some of the lotion or wash her hair with “Midnight Pomegranate” and I am taken back to Hawaii.

To try to help Karen remember our trips like she did with me using a scent, I turned to music.  Personally, my musical ability is rather lacking but I am pretty good at setting themes and activities to music.  I probably get that from grandfather and my dad who both did a great job with recording the family 8mm videos or VHS tapes to music.

Being an educator I have had plenty of opportunities to sit in workshops and listen to a speaker rave about how music helps the brain, which is kind of ironic because it seems every year more and more schools are cutting their music programs.  Many studies have found that music aids in storage and recall of information, which is what we want in a vacation.  A vacation that we can remember and one that we can think about during a hectic day that takes us right back.

So, taking that information I decided to make a soundtrack for our trip out West.  At this point I did not have a computer besides my school laptop for work, which does not let you download anything, so I had to play DJ with the CD’s that I had instead of having an IPOD that I could have set up a little bit better.  I tried to use music that we both would like, but I also threw in some things that Karen does not listen to very often that way when she hears that song again she would be reminded of the trip.

The soundtrack worked well because I saved one CD I had for one of the highlights of the trip.  I used the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack when we entered into the Beartooth Scenic Highway, which is considered one of the prettiest scenic drives in America.  The drive takes you from Red Lodge Montana to the northeast entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  I choose that soundtrack because it just has that epic sound, which went well with the epic drive.
Beartooth Scenic Road

I now have a personal computer that has my music library on it and when I put it on shuffle and a song from the soundtrack comes on Karen remembers that particular part of the Yellowstone trip, which is what I wanted in the first place.

Tips for your own vacation soundtrack
1. Try to keep the majority of the music to something everybody on the trip would like.
2. Try to match music to the setting- country music on the plains jazz in a city etc.
3. Try to keep the music unique in the most important parts of the trip.  If it is the same song that you listen to every time you are on the road that song will never get attached to a single place.
4. Before you are in the car have your music plan and get others going on the trip involved.
5. Try to have fun with it.

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