Jun 25

Number 13: Giraffe – Dallas Zoo

Number 13 is a photograph of a giraffe from the Dallas Zoo’s new exhibit called Giants of the Savanna.  Karen and I really liked the exhibit because it gave any visitor many different levels to view the animals.  We both really liked the idea that you can be face to face with so many magnificent African creatures.  I know we both made the comment that we hope the new Asian exhibit at the OKC Zoo is as well made. Karen and I picked a great time to go to the Dallas Zoo because we arrived there early enough to miss the elementary school fieldtrips, and were able to stay a few exhibits ahead of the three different schools that were there that day.  If you are going to a zoo we highly recommend that you go early in the morning (as soon as the zoo opens) because the animals are more active plus schools usually do not arrive until 10:00 and it takes them longer to get through the front doors.

The reason I like this photograph is because it is eye level with the giraffe.  Giraffes average about 17 feet, and most zoos, that have not updated their enclosures, have visitors at ground level.  Being eye to eye with the giraffe gives you more of a sense of how the giraffe is feeling.  The Dallas Zoo did a very good job with their African exhibit in regards to the amount of room the animals had to move about.  A lot of the zoos that Karen and I have been to are too small and cramped, and you can see the sadness in the animal’s eyes.  I was very big fan of the Giants of the Savanna so much that Karen ended up having to drag me away so we could continue on our vacation.

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