Jun 22

Texas State Aquarium: Corpus Christi

3 TurtlesThe Texas State Aquarium is a nice, but small aquarium with some nice exhibits and is very child friendly.  Karen and I had decided to go because we had never seen dolphins before and this aquarium has a pretty nice dolphin exhibit.  It is also right next to the U.S.S. Lexington, so Karen and I hit them both in the same day while in Corpus Christi.  The aquarium is about a two hour visit at the most, so going to both places would be a good way to spend the afternoon.

I was really impressed with the staff they had there.  They seemed really friendly and their aviary show was pretty good.  We also saw the dolphin show from the underwater viewing section because all the other seats were full.  Karen and I cannot really comment on how good the show was other than from the noise of the crowd, and they seemed to have enjoyed it.  It was neat to see from a below the water perspective, but you couldn’t see all the neat jumps and acrobatics that the dolphins were doing above the water…only the big splash of them returning to the water.

The outside exhibits, which included the dolphins, sea otters, alligators, birds, and recovery sea turtles tank, were a lot more enjoyable to us then the inside tanks.  There are several touch pools inside where we got to touch sting rays and sharks among other things.  The Islands of Steel gave a nice portrayal of what the habitat around oil platforms are like.

Island of Steel

Karen’s favorite showcase was Otter Creek.  The otters seemed to really enjoy their environment and they were very playful zipping up and around all the things that were in their enclosure.  The otters were one of the few exhibits there that kept pulling us back.  If I remember right we stopped by their exhibit at least three times.

My favorite exhibit was Tortuga Cay.  Every time we go snorkeling, which is one of our favorite pastimes, I want to find a “turtle buddy.”  When we were on our honeymoon in the Caribbean there was a little sea turtle in the bay next to our resort that I would go out and see every day.  He would swim around me for about ten minutes at a time.  Karen said he became my little turtle buddy.  So, ever since then I have a soft spot in my heart for sea turtles.  On a sad note, Tortuga Cay is full of sea turtles who were injured but have been rehabilitated, but then labeled as non-releasable.  Knowing those turtles now have a home makes it a little bit better.
close up

The Texas State Aquarium is one of those places that is worth going to once.  If you are expecting an aquarium like the one in Chicago or Atlanta then you will be disappointed.  It is a good place to spend a couple hours at if you are in Corpus Christi. I do not think that Karen and I will probably ever go to again unless we had children and in the area.

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Texas State Aquarium
2710 N. Shoreline Blvd
Corpus Christi, Texas
Hours of Operation – Open Daily- Summer time (Memorial to Labor Day) 9:00 to 6:00 Rest of the Year 9:00 to 5:00
Admission as of 2011- Adults (Over 12) $16.95 Seniors (Over 60) $15.95 Children (3 to 12) $11.95
For more information check out their site at http://www.texasstateaquarium.org/

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