Jun 21

Number 14: The Grand Canyon

South Rim Trail
Photo 14 is a picture of the Grand Canyon on the south rim trail.  The picture was taken with my old cannon 6mp powershot.  I framed the picture with the vegetation on the right and the rock ledge below to give a feeling of depth to the photograph.  The canyon seems to go on forever.  Unfortunately, the photo does not do the Canyon justice showing just how many vivid colors are captured there in the rocks.  The reason I like to take so many pictures when I am on vacation is so that when I am home I can flip through them and it takes me right back.  I probably tell Karen at least once a week ‘I wish I was back on vacation’.  This picture brings up a lot of memories for me because it was Karen’s first trip out to the Grand Canyon and mine first trip since I was a little kid.  I do not think any child really appreciates the beauty of our national parks until they are much older.  I know that I did not, but I still appreciate the fact that my parents took the time and money to take me and my brother there when we were young.  I am really happy that I got to take Karen there so she could experience the Grand Canyon a few years ago.

Karen and I went out to the Grand Canyon during a spring break vacation.  We swung through Arches and Zion National Park on our way to the Grand Canyon.   It ended up being a good time to go because none of the parks were too crowded and I do not seem to recall any traffic problems.  It was a last minute vacation and we ended up getting some really decent rooms along the way.  The only down part of the trip, even though the temperatures were pretty nice, in the upper fifties, the trail down in the Grand Canyon was still a little too icy to hike for our taste so we mainly stuck to the south rim trail which was in pristine condition.  We spent much of the afternoon hiking and taking in the magnificent views of the Grand Canyon.

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  1. Cecilia

    great shot! I really enjoyed going there and hope to see it again. The next time you go you should rent a house boat and do the Lake Powell.

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