Jun 18

Photography Tip: Leading Lines

Colorardo River
Photography Tip: Use Leading Lines – Anybody can go from being a bad photographer to a decent photographer by taking a few seconds to look around before the press of the button.  One of the toughest things for me when I am out taking pictures is to slow down and be patient.  A lot of my pictures are taken while I am on vacation, and almost every vacation that I am on I am usually in a hurry to see as much as I can while I am there.  Karen always jokes around that she needs a vacation after our vacation, but I do find that if I slow down and I am patient then usually my last picture that I take in a location is my best.
Yosemite Boardwalk

While I am out taking pictures, one of the first things that I look for are leading lines, something that will lead my eye through the photograph.  Having a leading line in a picture can take the viewers’ eyes into the picture towards the main interest or it can lead the viewer all the way through the picture.  Leading lines are a way to give your picture a story.  A person can look at and “travel” through your picture instead of just glancing at a shot and moving on.
Path on Sylvan Lake

Often, the most obvious and effective leading lines will be roads or paths, but anything could be used to lead the viewer through your photograph.  If you are having trouble finding a leading line when you are out taking pictures try changing your angle.  Most people take photographs just standing there, camera at eye level.  Try getting more of a bird’s eye view or kneel down and see what a new perspective does when you are composing your shots.  Also, now that most people are using digital cameras, take as many pictures as it takes until you get one that you would be proud to put on your wall.  One of many lessons that I have learned when taking pictures is that “I can always delete them later.”
Balance Rock

Union Station Kansas City

Road to the Tetons


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