Jun 16

Number 15: Mission Espada – San Antonio

Mission Espada

Number 15 is a picture of Mission Espada in San Antonio, Texas. Karen and I took a fall break trip to Texas and one of the stops was San Antonio. I really enjoyed San Antonio and walking the River Walk, and see the rich history of the people that live there especially seeing the San Antonio Missions. The blend of the old and modern in that town is breath taking. Being a history teacher walking in the footsteps of great people is always something that makes my heart skip a beat. While the Alamo is special and walking in and seeing Travis’ ring or Crockett’s buckskin vest is an experience no one should pass up, if you have never seen it before you might be scratching your head thinking is that it. To get better appreciation of the missions including the Alamo I highly recommend the Mission Trail.

I think our favorite mission was the Mission Espada which is still in use today. They had beautiful flowers in the courtyard that made the Mission feel very inviting. Every time Karen looks at the picture she points out the face she sees. Can you see it?

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