Jun 11

Guest Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

Guest bathroom renovation Part One
Bathroom Before picture

The picture above is how the guest bathroom looked the day Karen purchased her home.  I say Karen and not our home, because at this point we had not met each other yet.  The guest bathroom was decorated in navy blue and chrome silver wall paper, yellowish green tile, and a lacy fabric drapery over the tub.  The guest bathroom only had a bathtub with no shower head.

Karen’s first few steps of the guest bathroom remodel process involved taking down the drapery, removing all the wall paper and the old light fixture.  Her Dad did a ton of work removing the upper tile surrounding the bathtub and replaced the old sheet rock with concrete backer board.  He also re-plumbed the bathtub faucets so that there would be a working shower head and bathtub.
backer board in tub

Karen then met me and all work on the house ceased for a good long while.  One week, during our courtship, Karen was on a weeklong trip being a sponsor for the youth group at her church and I was asked to house sit.  During the week I was rather bored and decided to start taking down some of the old wall paper that was up.  When Karen got back from her trip I think she was a little surprised that I had taken down most of her living room wall paper.  We had a nice little “discussion” about how I probably should not have done that without talking about it first, but then I got her to see that I was actually helping her out.  Plus, if our relationship did not work out then she could look at it as free labor.  Luckily (in many ways) our relationship did work and my work on the house during that week was not in vain.

When we got married in June of 2008 I was already off for summer break (I am a teacher).  I started working on the guest bathroom.  We decided that we were almost going to do a complete remodel.  The only thing that was going to stay was the vanity cabinet and the actual bathtub.  Everything else was going to be a complete redo.  I started by removing the old toilet and using a jack hammer to get up that wonderful tile.  I say ‘that wonderful tile’ because I do not think who ever put it down used just any ordinary substance.  That tile was a real bugger to remove.
Kenny removing tile

Our next step was to patch some holes in the sheet rock.  This is where Karen got to show off bit of expertise.  The previous owners had the toilet paper holder directly across from the toilet on the opposite wall.  This was a problem because  you could not even reach it from the toilet, so we easily decided that had to change.  Once it was removed there was just a crazy hole in the wall.  So, Karen patched it and filled the joints and now you cannot even tell it was there! (Can you tell I’m feeling a little proud of her?)
Karen fixing the wall

After patching and sanding and smoothing several times we textured the walls and painted the bathroom a beautiful shade of blue and put in a new light fixture we had gotten from Home Depot.
Wall and lightfixture

The next step was installing our tile.  Check out our guest bathroom remodel part 2 to see how the tile turned out.

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