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Renaissance Fair – Kansas City

Jousting with watermark

Karen and I have been to the Kansas City Renaissance Fair a few times and it never gets old.  A person could spend all day there if they wanted to.  Karen and I usually try to get there when they open up because it seems like every time we have gone it feels like it is 90 degrees.  We always stay for the parade and the first couple rounds of jousting.
Fighting on horseback with watermark

Knights falling on horseback with watermark

There are many shows to attend while you are waiting for the jousting.  Shows range from musical talent to comical acts.  They have magicians and animal acts as well.  In fact, there is just about something for everybody.  The performers are very engaging and most people get into the act, and of course if you do not participate they will just hound you a little, but they are pretty good at leaving you alone if you do not get into character.
Parade with watermark

If you get tired of seeing the performances you can always go shopping at the many medieval booths that are set up throughout the grounds. There is a great variety of goods from art to weapons and wax roses to clothing.  We have never done any shopping there though once a long time ago I did buy a Kansas City Chiefs spear for my dad that he still has hanging up on his basement wall.
vender with watermark

shop with watermark

What Karen and I have really liked about going to the Renaissance Fair is that we have gone with family and friends.  It is so much fun going and just not worrying about life and jobs and work for a day.
Neil and Kenny behind painted wall with watermark

Kenny and Karen behind painted wall with watermark

Renaissance Fair
Located at 633 North 130th St. Bonner Springs, KS
Hours of Operation 10 to 7 from the beginning of September to the middle of October for 7 weeks
Admission as of 2011 Adult (Over 12) $18.95 Seniors (Over 60) $16.50 Children (5 to 12) $9.95
For more information check out their website at http://www.kcrenfest.com/
Fighting with Fire watermark

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  1. Julie

    Wow! That was such a fun day 🙂 I like how Neil’s mean face is a vampire rabbit!

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