Jun 06

Philbrook Museum: Tulsa

Philbrook Home with watermark
Karen and I went on a weekend trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma and one of the most fascinating places we visited was the Philbrook Museum.  It is a magnificent 72 room mansion which was once the home of oilman Waite and Genevieve Phillips.  The Phillips home was completed in 1928.  It was designed as an Italian Renaissance Villa which they filled with a breath taking art collection and in 1938 presented it as a gift to the city of Tulsa as an art museum.
Philbrook Home 2 with watermark

I cannot believe this was someones home!  It was so enormous.  The cleaning alone that would be required for this home would demand an army of housekeepers.  All joking aside, the gardens (even though it was winter) and home and décor were exceptional.

We really enjoyed touring through every room and lingering at each painting to wonder at the age, details and talent involved.

Every time we go to a museum (or anywhere really) Karen gets all giddy about the paint colors.  She always seems to come to the conclusion that art museums have amazing wall paint colors and since she is tired of looking at tiny one inch squares on sample cards my new job at art museums is take pictures of the wall.  If I had a nickel for every time I had to take a picture of a wall when we go out I would be a rich man.  I am sure the other visitors have to be wondering why I am taking a picture of a wall.  It would be so much easier and maybe I would not look so strange if museums would just label the paint colors on their walls.

This was my favorite painting at the museum.  Karen just rolls her eyes every time I get excited about seeing a Thomas Moran.  Sorry, honey when it comes to art I am just a simple guy.
Thomas Moran Grand Canyon with watermark

Karen’s favorite was called ‘The Shepherdess’ because to her any painting that can be so real that it is hard to tell if it is a photograph or not is a nice piece of art especially when it was painted hundreds of years ago!
The Shepherdess with watermark

I still do not get the modern art section of the museum.  For example, the picture below was a strange curiosity.  It was three dimensional, like a giant kernel of corn and a projector displayed the face image on it and played speaking sound effects.  It was pretty interesting, something I would never think of any way.
Modern Art with watermark

Last of all we went outside to explore the gardens, wow! Despite the low temperatures it was a breathtaking scene.
Philbrook Garden with watermark

Philbrook Museum
Closed Mondays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years
Admission as of 2011 adults $7.50 children are free
For more information check out their website at http://www.philbrook.org/

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