Jun 05

Number 17: East African Crowned Crane at the Kansas City Zoo

East African Crane with watermark KC Zoo
Number 17 is a picture of an East African Crowned Crane taken at the Kansas City Zoo.  This was my attempt at photographic art.  Karen and I try to go to Kansas City at least a couple of times a year and one of things that we like to do while we are there is check out the zoo.  They have really started to update it over the last couple of years and their new polar bear exhibit is first class.

The Kansas City zoo, if you have never been there, can be a good workout especially their 95 acre African exhibit.  If you walk around that thing in the middle of summer you will burn a few calories.  When you circle around the African exhibit there is a side section that takes you to the gorilla and leopard exhibits.  We decided to take the side path even though our feet had been killings us since we had been walking all around KC the previous day.  I am glad we did because the light was just hitting the Crowned Crane perfectly and I took a few pictures.  I was about to move on when I decided to zoom in and take a picture of its head.

I like this picture because even though my camera is not a super expensive one and it is a couple of years old now it still gets very good detail when I do everything right on my part.  I really like how the individual feathers on its neck stand out and the way the crown shines with the sunlight.  I am not a very artistic person, my wife leaves me in the dust in the artistic area, so this photo is about as close as I get.

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