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What makes our marriage work: Make a Memory

What Makes our Marriage Work:  Make a Memory
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Karen and I like getting each other presents, but our favorite type of present is an experience that we can, years later, talk about.  There are many nights that we spend sitting around not doing much until one of us is reminded of some memory, and look at the other and say ‘do you remember the time that we…’ then we will talk about it for a good long time.  Karen and I have been truly blessed that we can travel and do more things than the average family, but we also have made it a priority over other material things.
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Ever since our first Valentine’s Day when we celebrated with a home cooked meal by candlelight and  opened up presents and she got me an IPod (which I had told her not to get me anything) she never listens to me, and I got her tickets to see Billy Joel, one of her favorite singers.  We have decided to spend most of our birthday, special holiday, and anniversary money on vacations or tickets instead of some material thing.  Now and then we will still get each other something to open up, but we have found that the best presents are those that make memories.
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When we are old and about to be knocking on heaven’s door we do not want our conversations to be ‘remember the time you got me that watch or video game’.  We want those conversations to be ‘remember that spring we took a three day weekend in St. Louis and saw the Arch, zoo, and bunch of other great things and topped it off by seeing Billy Joel’.  Karen and I have come to the understanding that we do not have to spend a lot of money on presents for birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays like Valentine’s Day just because the calendar says we should.  We celebrate by going to make a memory.
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Life is too short to not spend it living.  Go out there and make some new memories with your loved one and if you cannot afford to buy each other something to open up AND a new experience we suggest you just go with a new experience.
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  1. Cecilia

    You two haven’t been married that long but you are very wise. Material things are not that important; doing things together and making memories are. God has truly blessed you when he put you two on the same path.

    1. Mom

      God truely has blessed you two putting on the the same path. Doing things together and making memories is the key to a good marriage.

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