Jun 03

Guest Bedroom Remodel: Part 2

Now that we knew which type of wood we wanted for our guest bedroom remodel so Karen placed an order online  and there was nothing else left to do but wait.  After a few weeks, I picked up our boxes at the local Lumber Liquidators got them home and opened them right up to acclimate to the environment, but more so that Karen could have a good look at them and get excited about our new floor.

Next came some very important prep work. We cleaned off the concrete where the carpet and carpet pad had been, removed the carpet tack strips and glue.  The next part was the hard part.  We wanted to save the baseboards, which who ever installed them earlier must have thought they would never need to be taken off the wall.   They had nailed the baseboards in place about every foot.  So, with a very special set of skills, we gently removed all the base boards.

We also removed the closet doors and took the main door off it’s hinges, just to give us plenty of room to work.  Next we needed to under cut all of the door frames so that the wood flooring would have plenty of room to slide underneath, leaving a nice beautiful finish.
Kenny undercutting

We used the underlayment and the sample piece of the wood (turned upside down to protect the finish) to determine the thickness and I used an under cut saw to make all the cuts.  Karen was acting supervisor, telling me where and how much to cut.  She is pretty good at bossing me around.  Once we got everything cut we did one more good sweeping and vacuuming to get all the pieces of sawdust and wood chips up so we could put down the underlayment.
Undercutting the doorway

We truly enjoy spending time together doing anything and have so much fun working on projects together.  Especially a remodeling project because it makes us communicate not only when we are doing the actual work, but also when we are picking out colors, supplies, and materials.  Karen and I, most of the time, work really well together as a team.  I say ‘most of the time’ because sometimes there is a game on TV and like a moth to the flame my eyes and ears tend to gravitate to the television.  It’s a good thing that I have Karen, because she keeps me grounded or I would hardly get anything done around the house.

Karen cutting the underlament

The underlayment went down pretty smooth.  We just had to make sure that we rolled it out flat and kept it from bunching up.  My job was to keep the sides from rolling up while Karen used a small razor blade knife to cut out around the closet and doorway.  We duct taped the seams of the underlayment, as per the package directions and were ready to go!
Karen with underlament

all the underlayment is down

The first few rows went down without a hitch.  We had borrowed two power saws from Karen’s Dad (thank goodness for Paul, he has every tool ever known to man!) and boy were we excited for the inaugural use of the compound miter saw.  At the end of the row Karen measured the exact length of board we would need to finish off the row and we proceeded out side for cut number one.  Karen does all the measuring because she is much smarter then me.
Kenny putting down a board

Kenny cutting a board

Karen always makes a point to wear safety equipment, ear protectors and safety glasses and the such.  Anytime I am about to do any project Karen probably asks me as least a dozen times do I have my glasses or gloves.  I am really glad that Karen is safety conscious and makes me protect the one set of ears and eyes that I have.

Now Karen has the safety aspect of the project down pat, and she is great at measuring and figuring out how things will be installed, but as far as working the equipment she and I are figuring it out as we go.  Before we plugged in the saw Karen excitedly grabbed the handle of the miter saw to demonstrate it’s smooth as silk sliding and movement but was jerked to a halt.  She thought she just needed to pull it harder and gritting her teeth and acting like she has the strength of Hercules she went at it again.  Karen was not able to budge it at all.  I asked if I could look at but her mind had already come to the conclusion that all it needed was some WD40 and she sent me on an errand to get some.  I of course lovingly complied and brought Karen a can of WD40.  As I handed Karen the can I noticed a small knob on the side of the handle and reached underneath and quickly loosened the lock allowing the saw to slide smoothly and easily on it’s track.  Karen’s face turned three shades of red but she can be just as stubborn as I can said without blinking an eye “I’ll just keep this WD40 handy in case.”  So, from there on out I took over the saw and Karen measured and marked.

Karen putting down boards

We worked basically all day, only stopping to glance at the game that was on TV.  Why I do not turn off the TV when I am supposed to be working I will never know?  It must be something in the male genome because I have heard that other guys have a similar problem.

We worked and worked adding row after row.  The closet and doorway required skillful measuring and Karen made my job much easier.  Finally we we down to the last row which ended up being a little bit thinner width than the rest of our rows.  So I used the table saw to plane the boards down to the proper width.  The table saw was a really nice one that folds down to about two feet high for storage.  This time it was me that struggled trying to figure out how to unfold it.  After a few tries to figure out how to make it stand up to regular table height I became frustrated and suggested to Karen that we just leave it low and pretend that we were three feet tall.  Karen then expertly analyzed the situation and flipped a switched and got it unfolded.  Now it was my chance to turn three shades of red.
Kenny using the table saw

During this project we also made use of my beautiful work bench that Karen’s dad had made me for Christmas! It was the perfect height and came in very handy! Thanks Paul.
Kenny measuring

Finally, our hard work was finished and we just stopped, stood back and admired the most gorgeous dark maple hardwood floors we have ever seen.  Any project that you put a little bit of blood, sweat, and dirt in always makes it seem so much better than hiring a contractor.
Kenny with the floor down

Stayed tuned in a couple of weeks to see how our closet organizer will turn out.

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  1. freda phillips

    This is so funny, I think I’ll have to get a tissue to clear my eyes. I love hearing about you guy’s projects. They always turn out beautiful. I love it that you two work together so well. (anyway, most of the time).

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Hopefully soon we will have some more and newer projects to add. Thanks for the comments at least I know that one other person is reading.

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