Jun 02

Guest Bedroom Remodel: Part 1

Here is our before picture of the guest bedroom when we purchased the house. As you can see it was in need of a remodel.
Bedroom Before
Woo Hoo, that’s a pink room or I should say a pink and silver metallic wall paper, and navy blue shag carpet room.  So, some of our first few steps involved wall paper removal, texturing the walls and repairing any flaws or nail holes, and ripping up that blue carpet and sending it back to the 70’s.
Karen fixing the wall
Next we picked out a beautiful green (my favorite) paint color and replaced the old light fixture and fan with a brand new flush mount modern fixture.  Here is Karen  doing some of the wiring for the new light fixture.
Karen ceiling fan 1
You can also see we had not painted the edges of the room yet.  It was really fun to see what a difference the paint alone made. A big improvement in our eyes.
Karen ceiling fan 2

Then after the paint and fixtures were all updated, the next big decision was what to do on the floors. Carpet, tile, laminate, or hardwoods so many options to choose from.  We have both always loved the gorgeous rich luxurious look of hardwood floors so we decided to do some price checking around town. We were pleasantly surprised that hardwood floors were not extravagantly more expensive than carpet, in fact, when you consider the price for installation of a nice carpet (something we weren’t sure we could do ourselves) it actually turns out about the same as the hard wood!
Ceiling Fan with green wall

So, we went exploring several times to our local Home Depot, Lowes, Lumber Liquidators and some other hard wood flooring stores. We brought home a few samples and compared them to the existing wood trim we have in our house.  Unfortunately we were not really wowed by any of them.  So, we kept looking online and eventually went back to Lumber Liquidators for a second time and discovered a beautiful copper maple wood floor that we were absolutely in love with.

Stay tuned to see how the hard wood floors turned out…

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