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Jun 30

Travel Tip – Have a Vacation Scent to Help You Remember

Midnight pomegranate

Your nose is a good way to make a memory.  Think about it, you walk into somebody’s house when they are baking cookies and you might think of home.  If someone waves a peppermint stick under your nose you might think of Christmas.  It happens all the time so why not give your vacations a …

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Jun 29

Number 12: Balance Rock

Balance Rock1

Number 12 is a photograph of Balance Rock at Arches National Park in Utah.  I like the stark difference between the deep blue sky and red of Balance Rock.  I have been to Arches National Park four times because I just can not get enough of those arches.  The variation between the rock and desert leaves …

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Jun 28

Monday Musing: Morning Sky

morning sky

Check out this beautiful morning sky that was smiling down at me while I drove to work. I was literally driving down 23rd street with my camera on my dashboard, shooting random pictures of the sky out my windshield.  It was so rich and full and astonishing. I just couldn’t resist capturing it on film! It’s …

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Jun 27

U.S.S. Lexington: Corpus Christi

Flight Deck

U.S.S. Lexington, also known as The Blue Ghost, was launched on September 23, 1942 and decommissioned on November 26, 1991.  It served in several campaigns in the Pacific during World War II.  During the 1950’s The Blue Ghost served in the Pacific and then served as a training carrier on the east coast.  The Lexington …

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Jun 26

The Alamo – San Antonio

The Door

The Alamo in San Antonio is just one of the many things in the United States that every American should see at least once in their lifetime.  Not just because it is a significant historical place, but because it is a symbol of what makes this country so great.  Now I know that those soldiers who …

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Jun 25

Number 13: Giraffe – Dallas Zoo


Number 13 is a photograph of a giraffe from the Dallas Zoo’s new exhibit called Giants of the Savanna.  Karen and I really liked the exhibit because it gave any visitor many different levels to view the animals.  We both really liked the idea that you can be face to face with so many magnificent African …

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Jun 24

River Walk: San Antonio

River Walk

The San Antonio River Walk is the number one tourist attraction in Texas, which is pretty amazing considering all the things there are to do in the state.  I wonder if Congressman Maury Maverick and Mayor C.K. Quin had any idea that their little project in 1939 to raise $75,000 to leverage the WPA funds …

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Jun 23

What makes our marriage work: Say Thank You


Marriage Tip – Say Thank you Karen and I work really hard on saying thank you to each other throughout the day.  I cannot remember exactly how or when it got started, but it has been a constant throughout our relationship.  I’m not talking about saying thank you for the big things like presents, over the …

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Jun 22

Texas State Aquarium: Corpus Christi

Sea Turtle Close Up

The Texas State Aquarium is a nice, but small aquarium with some nice exhibits and is very child friendly.  Karen and I had decided to go because we had never seen dolphins before and this aquarium has a pretty nice dolphin exhibit.  It is also right next to the U.S.S. Lexington, so Karen and I …

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Jun 21

Number 14: The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Overlook Rim

Photo 14 is a picture of the Grand Canyon on the south rim trail.  The picture was taken with my old cannon 6mp powershot.  I framed the picture with the vegetation on the right and the rock ledge below to give a feeling of depth to the photograph.  The canyon seems to go on forever.  Unfortunately, …

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