May 31

Number 18: El Capitan

El Capitan Framed

Number 18 is a photo of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park.  This photo was taken when Karen and I were on vacation with her parents.  My Dad and I try to ride dirt bikes at least once every summer in Colorado, and Karen usually goes if she has enough vacation days left.  Since we have taken a few vacations with my parents we thought it would be nice to go someplace with her parents.  It was a very lovely vacation. We got to see lots of things plus I did not have to do any of the driving.  Not that I mind or anything, but when you are traveling someplace as beautiful as Yosemite National Park it is nice not to have your eyes on the road the whole time.  I still feel bad that Karen’s Dad did all the driving and had to keep his eyes on the road, at least we hoped his eyes were on the road.

Well anyway, as we were driving through the park the first couple of days the sun was not really cooperating. Usually it was hiding behind a bunch of clouds and as we were taking the Northside Drive Road the sun broke out from the clouds and lit up El Capitan.  I rolled down the window as fast as it would go and snapped as many photos as I could.  I would have asked Paul to stop, but it would have caused a traffic jam.  The park had just started to fill up since it was late Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.  I am happy that I had my camera ready and the sun finally cooperated.

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  1. freda phillips

    Kenny you did a great job. That picture is so pretty. I’m so glad you’ll asked us to go on this trip with you. I hope we didn’t stress you out too much. We had a wonderful time you did a great job of planning the schedule of events. I don’t think we would have taken a vacation if you had not asked us to go. Thanks again

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