May 28

Juney Whank Falls – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

On our last day at Great Smoky National Park Karen and I decided to hit the southern part of the park by driving down the Newfound Gap Road.  When we reached the other side we went looking for some more waterfalls.  We eventually decided to go see Juney Whank Falls which is just north of Bryson City, NC.Kenny and Karen at Juney Whank Watermark

The Juney Whank trailhead is a little out of the way, but it’s easy to get there from Cherokee, head south on Rt. 19 and drive 10 miles to Everett Street in Bryson City.  Turn right onto Everett and drive for 0.2 miles then turn right onto Depot Street.  After a short distance, take a left onto Ramseur Street and then an immediate right onto Deep Creek Road.  Drive about 2 miles to the park entrance and then find the parking lot for the Juney Whank Falls Trail.  By this time you might be thinking ‘is this worth it’?  Karen and I believe it is because it is probably the shortest hike to a waterfall and you can take, a 2.6 mile loop that goes by Juney Whank Falls and two others.  Three waterfalls in less than three miles!  Not to shabby don’t you think?
Karen in front of the Juney Whank Sign Watermark

The Juney Whank trail is only .6 miles roundtrip.  It is a steep uphill walk all the way to falls but the good news is, it is all down hill on the way back.  The trail seemed to be well maintained with some gravel and woodchips.  There was a nice bench by the falls to relax and take in the 80 foot cascade.  Karen and I did not hike the rest of the loop because it was about 2:00 in the afternoon and we had not eaten lunch yet.  I really wanted to take the loop, but my wife calmly reasoned that if she did not get to eat soon that I might start looking a little tasty.  I gave in to her great reasoning and called it a day and headed to the town of Cherokee to eat.
Kenny in front of Juney Whank

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