May 26

St. Louis Art Museum

SLAM 2 WATERMARKForest Park is one of the nicest city parks that Karen and I have ever been too, and what makes it unique and special is that everything in the park is basically free, including the St. Louis Art Museum or SLAM for short. St. Louis really has a good thing going on.   We have been to the art museum twice and there is always something to see, plus they seem to always have traveling exhibits coming which cost a small fee, but the rest of the art work in the museum is free.  Right now the SLAM is adding on to their building.  Once construction is completed it will be twice as big.

The SLAM houses just about everything you would expect in an art museum.  They have a collection that spans from Pre-Columbian Art to 20th century German artists.  It has works from great artists that even I (a person who once got a D+ in middle school art class) have heard of like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh.  The museum also has a very good collection of Asian sculptures and pottery along with a nice collection of Oceanic art work like masks and weapons.  This museum basically has something for everybody.

Karen, who once thought about being an art major, really liked the collection of European painters.  Of course, she is much more sophisticated then I am, and was able to point out all sorts of things in the paintings that I was just not seeing.  I know I will never understand contemporary art and that is ok with me, but I am still able to appreciate a painting that is so realistic that it looks like it was taken with a camera.  Being a history teacher it is truly a marvel to see the ancient pottery work and weapons, but Karen is slowly making me see a little bit outside my comfort zone which is always a good thing.

Karen and I highly recommend the St. Louis Art Museum just for the cultural experience.  If you have not been to an art museum check one out.  It is a good learning experience and you just might be inspired to be more creative in your own life.  If you are in the St. Louis area this is a great art museum to visit because it has a little bit for everyone.  Plus, I just can not get over the idea that it is free. They could easily charge fifteen to twenty dollars.  For more information check out their website at http://www.slam.org/

Louis Art Museum
Forest Park
One Fine Arts Drive
St. Louis, Mo 63110

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