May 24

World Bird Sanctuary: A Flock of Fun

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World Bird Sanctuary is a very unique place.  Karen and I were a little apprehensive about it at first because we had never heard of it before and we have been in the St. Louis area a couple of times.  When we heard it was free and since it was on the way to dinner we decided to check it out.

Maybe it is the history teacher in me but one of my favorite animals to see in the wild or at a zoo is the bald eagle.  It is always a matchless experience seeing such a wonderful creature that close and the World Bird Sanctuary has many bald eagles.  Being able to see so many in one location is well worth the trip, if you are in the area.

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The three main types of birds we saw at the sanctuary were eagles, falcons, and hawks. They also had many different types of each, and that was not all.  Karen’s favorite was a beautiful royal palm turkey named Fred.  Besides the eagles, falcons, hawks, and Fred they also have parrots, vultures, owls, and a few other creatures.  All-in-all it took us a little bit more then an hour to enjoy the sanctuary.

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When we got there and saw the first area of birds Karen and I became a little apprehensive.  We saw a small falcon trying to take off, but it was tethered to an iron U shaped perch.  We were thinking that if it is healthy enough to try to take off then it should be set free.  There were plenty of pictures of them releasing birds back into the wild so we started to feel really sorry for that bird.  I could see Karen was thinking about finding a way to release the tethered bird so I decided to move us on down the path.  As we kept walking I started to notice all the bird cages built by different boy scouts and trying to comfort Karen I told her that I did not think that the Boy Scouts would be involved with an organization that is using wild animals to their advantage.  It did not completely work but it did make her feel a little bit better.
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Karen’s apprehension was finally put to rest when we came across one of the care takers who was very friendly and answered all of our questions.  She told us that all of their perfectly healthy birds were not raised in the wild and therefore could not be released.  If they were released into the wild they would not be able to care for themselves and would be an easy target for other predators.  They now take those birds to classrooms and use them for their educational lessons.  She also told us if they were born in the wild and were injured but could be mended then they would be released back into the wild.  Knowing that, Karen was finally able to thoroughly enjoy the rest of our trip.
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Karen and I highly recommend the World Bird Sanctuary.  It is a little bit out of the way but really easy to get to and it is free.  Karen and I did donate to help with the cost of taking care of the number of great birds they have. For a lot more information check out their website at http://www.worldbirdsanctuary.org
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World Bird Sanctuary
125 Bald Eagle Ridge Road Valley Park, MO 63088
Daily 8am – 5pm – Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days

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  1. Chelsea

    Wow these pictures are amazing! I love the eagles eye in the first shot. Very informative. Keep up the posting!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you!!!

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