May 23

Museum of Transportation: St. Louis

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Trains, Trains, Trains, and more Trains if you like to see trains close up then the Museum of Transportation in St. Louis is for you.  They have over 70 locomotives.  It also has a small automobile area with about a dozen or more unique vehicles, a World War II transport plane, and a tugboat.  The museum is very hands-on with several interactive exhibits in the car area.  Karen really enjoyed ringing the bell of Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Train.
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The museum took us about 2 hours to go through, and we got to try all the hands on activities, we walked through a fully furnished passenger train and saw all the compartments, walked on a tug boat, and saw several engine rooms and cabooses of several trains.  This was the first transportation museum that Karen and I have ever been to.  The train area was very impressive having trains from as early as the 1830’s to modern trains of today.  Being able to tour the passenger car was really special considering that neither of us has ever been on a overnight train before.  It seems like it would have been a wonderful way to travel but I understand why we Americans have mostly shunned trains for the privacy of our automobiles.  The museum really made me want to go on an overnighter on a train.  If you have ever gone cross country on a train let us know what you thought of your trip and where did you go.
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Train 2
Karen and I thought the automobile area was a little lacking, but it did have some very unique cars.  Some of the unique vehicles that they have on display are a vintage fire truck, an Indy sports car, a Chrysler Turbine Car which there were only 55 ever produced, and Bobby Darin’s Dream Car which was custom made.  The lack of automobiles was made up by the rare cars they had and the hands-on exhibits that were upstairs.  The hands-on exhibits included how a combustion engine works, and how cars steer.
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Museum of Transportation was a good way to spend an afternoon, and it is a do-not-miss if you or someone in your family is into locomotives.  The cost at the time that we went was only $6.00 per person, and we felt that it was worth every penny.  We probably would not go back multiple times, but it was definitely worth the trip.  For more information check out their website at http://www.transportmuseumassociation.org
Museum of Transporation St. Louis Watermark
Museum of Transportation
2967 Baron Station Rd
St. Louis Mo 63122
Open Mon-Sat 9:00 to 4:00 (winter) 5:00 (summer)
Sunday 11:00 to 4:00 (winter) 5:00 (summer)

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