May 20

Number 19: Devils Tower

Devils Tower Through Sacred Smoke

Number 19 is a photograph of Devil’s Tower in eastern part of Wyoming. One summer Karen and I did a 2 week long vacation from Oklahoma City to 6 other states and hit 5 national parks. On our way there we stopped off to see Devil’s Tower. It really is a sight to behold not as big as you would think, but still pretty massive. We took two short hikes while we were there, one of them circumnavigated the tower and other took us by a black-tailed prairie dog town. Those little guys get to squeaking anytime you walked within 10 feet of them. We would have liked to spend more time there and hopefully we will get to go back soon.

I like this photo because of the circle of sacred smoke that frames the tower so nice, but it also highlights the Native American significance of Devil’s Tower. The legend of three Native American maidens picking flowers when they startled a large bear. The girls ran to a tree stump and huddled and prayed. When a lightning bolt struck the tree stump causing it to rise into the heavens made the bear so angry it clawed at the stump giving it the groves that can be seen today. Legend or not Devil’s Tower is a very special place for all visitors.

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