May 18

Number 21: Seven-Eleven Crab – Big Island

Seven Eleven Crab

Number 21 is a photograph of a seven-eleven crab that I took while snorkeling on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Karen and I took a 9 day vacation on the Big Island.  If I ever won the lottery (hard to do since I do not play) I would move out to Hawaii for a couple of years.  It is such a beautiful place. I could go snorkeling every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.  Each day of our vacation we would snorkel in the morning to beat any crowds to the beach, and our favorite spot was Makaiwa Bay at the Mauna Lani.  We could not afford to stay there, but they have this nice little parking lot for visitors to park so they can use the public beach that is on their property.

At Makaiwa Bay there was a lava rock formation that breaks the bay about 200 yards from the beach, and after going there a couple of times we noticed that a green sea turtle had made a home under a coral bed.  Karen and I had been snorkeling all morning and before we left we wanted to check out to see if the turtle was still there. We did not see him the first time we circumnavigated the lava rock so we went around again, and that is when I saw a peach shape on the green coral.  I took a deep breath and dove down to investigate.  It was the first time I had seen a seven-eleven crab so I took a few pictures surfaced and tried to point out his location to Karen, but it was too late, he had disappeared.  I am glad the photo came out. We did see the turtle as we rounded the rock, and yes he was heading back to his little den in the sea.

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1 comment

  1. freda phillips

    My My this is such a clear picture it doesn’t even look like it is under water.
    You guys are so good to get up each morning and go snorkeling before the crowd.
    I think that is a very good plan. I didn’t know there were other families that have the same opinion as me. I want to see everything, we can sleep when we get home.
    And just eat to keep from starving.
    love all your photographs.

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