Feb 12

Welcome to Plain Adventure!

Hi! We are Kenny and Karen of Plain Adventure.  Karen and I try to be well rounded people.  Karen is very optimistic and is willing to try just about everything with a smile on her face, while I am I little bit more reserved and like to stick to my comfort zone.  Just like any couple we have our different tastes and ideas and we both are willing to compromise though I’d say she is more willing to compromise then I am, but I am working on it.  For example, when I am working on a project or writing a blog I want music on, and Karen wants it to be completely silent so she can concentrate.  Over the past couple of years Karen and I have done several house projects, and have been on many vacations (I always wish it could be more) and we have found that our communication is a big part of “survival” in any situation.  From putting up a simple light fixture to her being my navigator on our road trips, it’s all about the communication.
Kenny & Karen by Stephanie Weeks

 Now we are taking on our biggest challenge yet in creating this website.  For the last two years Karen has had a personal blog about our life, that she did a really great job with, and now we are creating this website together and of course, every now and again we do not see eye to eye.  I am finding however, that since we have been putting this website together our communication has been better, and it is giving us a chance to remember some of our fondest and sometimes funniest moments all over again.  I believe all couples should take a trip down memory lane from time to time because I believe it makes for a stronger couple.

Also, over the next couple of months Karen and I will be putting up some of our favorite things to do, from what movies we like to watch to our favorite vacations.  Also, our website is going to include some of the ways we are trying to make our lives better; from the books we are reading to forcing ourselves to move away from television to more enlightening endeavors.  Renowned Coach John Wooden’s dad had a great creed that has inspired us.

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Help others
  3. Make each day your masterpiece
  4. Drink deeply from good books, especially The Bible
  5. Make relationships a fine art
  6. Build a shelter for rainy days
  7. Pray for guidance and count and give thanks for your blessings every day

Our goal for this year and many more to come is come up with our own creed and follow it on the adventures life leads us down.  I hope you enjoy the ride, I know we will because we are just two people from the Plains trying to have one adventure after the next on this short journey called life.

Photo by Stephanie Weeks

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