Feb 12


We are not professional photographers by any way, shape or size, but it has become one of the things that we are passionate about. Well, I am passionate about it and my wife Karen is passionate about cheering me on. She has become my photo cheerleader.  After most shots that I show her, unless it is totally blurred or off by a large margin, I get the customary that’s a great photo! Not that I am complaining about her constant praise.  Everybody needs a good cheerleader when it comes to a hobby and my wife is one of the best.


What photo know-how that I have has been gained in one of two ways; trying to imitate others or by reading. I have checked out a lot of books from the local library and later went out and bought “How to Photograph Absolutely Everything” by Tom Ang and the “National Geographic Photography Field Guide.” I have found both of those books to be great all-around books that have opened my eyes to seeing new photographic opportunities.

I have two cameras both by Canon. My everyday camera is a Canon Powershot SX10IS which is great all around camera. Karen and I love to snorkel so I had to talk her into getting an underwater camera so she let me buy a Canon Powershot D10. Currently I am trying to talk her into springing for a DSLR. I think that is going to have to wait for a while, but I believe that I am slowly wearing her down.

I am going to show a little bit of my photography portfolio over the next couple of months. I am going to post my 25 favorite photos that I have taken since Karen and I have been together. I hope you enjoy!!!

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