May 25

Storybook Capitol of Texas – Abilene

Jack Frost
My eldest loves to read.  She always has.  Hope she always will.  So, when we were in Abilene, Texas.  We had to stop by and see the character sculptures. Walking around the park and several of the downtown streets to see them ended up being a real treat for her.  Though a few of the storybook characters I had no idea who they were.  On the bright side gives us something to look for in our next trip to the library.
Green Eggs and Ham
One might ask how in the world did Abilene become the Storybook Capitol of Texas.  Well the city came up with the idea to showcase children’s literature by building a museum.  After the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature was created the city’s next step was to build a series of sculptures of some of the most beloved characters in children’s literature.  Abilene is now up to 24 and still adding more. All-in-all it made for a nice little walk in their downtown area.
Dino and Car
From my kid’s perspective, she really enjoyed seeing the characters up-close.   She had a blast being around them, striking poses, and modeling for the camera.  M would run up to the ones she knew and became inquisitive about the ones she didn’t.  From a dad’s perspective, it was a lot of fun having a little daddy/daughter time touring the area.  It was great to see her love for reading.
Bunny Guardian
I thought the storybook character sculptures were all well done.  Some of the selections were interesting.  Not for sure if there is some sort of licensing agreement on why some are picked over others. Though we had no idea who some of them were just seeing the artistic work of the sculptures still made them enjoyable to see.
Storybook Capitol of Texas
Unfortunately, Abilene was a stopover for us.  By the time, we arrived the storybook museum was closed so I could not tell you if that would be a good stop or not.  The statues were well worth seeing especially the park area with several Dr. Seuss characters.  It was nice stop, got us out of the car which when driving with a 4 and a 2-year-old is what helps make for much more enjoyable trip.

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Horton and M
Storybook Capitol of Texas
Located at 1101 N. 1st St., Abilene
For more information about the Storybook Capitol of Texas see their adventure guide by click on the link

May 24

Pedernales Falls – Texas

Not 100% sure that Pedernales Falls qualifies as a waterfall.  Since I am no expert and the Plains are lacking in the waterfall department.  Might as well be like the majority of things out there today and just go with it and sort out the truth after.
Pedernales Falls
Pedernales Falls is basically the lowering of the Pedernales River. the amount of water flow will determine just what the waterfall looks like.  Pedernales Falls is in Texas Hill Country which means the area is subject to flash flooding.  So, when exploring the falls be aware of your surroundings.  Especially if walking out onto the river bed.   The whole area makes for a very scenic backdrop for some portrait shots.
Slick Rock
Pedernales Falls State Park lies 45 miles east of Austin Texas.  Needless to say, it is a popular state park.  The falls are easy to get to and the trail out to the falls is well marked.  The tricky part is out on the slick river rock.  A little water here some smooth rock there adds up to an injured bottom.  So definitely tread lightly when exploring the river area

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Pedernales River
Pedernales Falls State Park
Located at 2585 Park Rd 6026 Johnson City
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week
Cost as of this Posting 13 and over $6
For more information visit the Pedernales Falls State Park website at

May 22

Texas Military Forces Museum – Austin

Armor Row
The Texas Military Forces Museum is a hidden gem.  Free! Can’t beat that.  So off to a good start there.  However, the number of artifacts, military vehicles, and dioramas was incredible.  The Texas Military Forces Museum made this history buff extremely happy.
Texas Military Museum
Located at Camp Mabry an active military base. Meaning that upon entering we had to stop off at the check-in gate.  Here my wife and I had to show a photo-I.D. before we could proceed further.  Simple travel tip have your ID at the ready.  After a few days of road tripping my front seat area was littered with toys, kids snack wrappers, and various miscellaneous things.  Why when I got in the car that morning I sat my wallet down in that mess.  When it became time to show the I.D. it took a few minutes to rummage through the mess.  Luckily there was nobody else in line and the guard was extremely nice about the whole ordeal.
rommel's hat
The Texas Military Forces Museum is deceptively impressive in both size and scope.  Situated in the old mess hall.  This military museum from the outside does not look like much.  However, it has 45,000 square feet of exhibit space as well as an outside row of tanks, artillery pieces, and planes.  What we thought would be a quick one hour visit ended up being one of the more informative and enjoyable parts of our vacation.
Texas Miliary History
Tons of history on display.  Starting with the formation of the state’s first militia force in 1823 to what the Texas Army and Air National Guard are doing in the war on Terrorism.  This place covers it all.  Besides the incredible displays the staff and volunteers at the Texas Military Forces Museum were extremely knowledgable and friendly.  They treated my two little girls so nice.  Encouraging them to try on the military uniforms and feel the weight of the helmets.  They even have some activities for children to do while touring the museum.  Helps keep them entertained and informed as they go.   It was nice to go to a place where the people that work there seem to genuinely care about it.
Alamo Diorama
We were impressed by several things during our visit to the Texas Military Forces Museum.  Some of our favorite highlights were their dioramas of key battles in Texas military history.  The little set pieces were so detailed it was amazing.  Their timeline telling the story of Texas Military Forces was really interesting to look at.  It was like seeing a military history book come alive.  A great field trip destination.  I liked seeing some very historical artifacts.  A piece of the Berlin Wall, Gen. Erwin Rommel hat, rubble from the 9/11 attack on the pentagon.  As a history teacher those things really made it an interesting trip for me. Of course, it would not be a great military museum without the vehicles, tanks, planes, and various other war machines.  Those things they had in spades so if you are in to that this place has you covered.
Texas Military Forces Museum
We are always on the lookout for free attractions to visit.  Free attractions are like my girls favorite new treat, blind bags, you never know what you are going to get.  The Texas Military Forces Museum was an incredible free attraction.  Really worth our time which is our most precious commodity.

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Family at Texas Military Forces Museum
Texas Military Forces Museum
Located at 2200 W 35th St. Building 6 Camp Mabry, Austin
Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at

May 15

Jacob’s Dream – Abilene, Texas

House of God
Impressive is probably the best way to sum up Jacob’s Dream.  The 40-foot tall bronze sculpture of the biblical account of Jacob’s Dream of a stairway to heaven.  Located on one of the nicest college campuses I have ever seen.  Abilene Christian University looks brand new even though the Jacob’s Dream statue was dedicated at the university centennial birthday celebration in 2006.  I had never heard of Abilene Christian University before.  From just driving around the campus I left awe-struck
Jacob's Dream M
It is a powerful work of art.  Jacob’s Dream was created by art and design professor Jack Maxwell.  Over the last 10 years the bronze statue has been used for baptisms, weddings, a site for devotional gatherings as well as just a good photo op.
Jacob's Dream
A larger than life sculpture whose message is fully reveled after viewing from multiple angles.  Well worth a stop if you ever find yourself in Abilene, Texas.

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Family at Jacobs Dream
Jacob’s Dream Sculpture
Located at Acu Dr. Abilene, Texas
Hours of Operation 24-hours a day
Cost as of this posting: Free
For more information you can read this article

May 10

Abilene Zoo – Texas

Big or small it does not matter we like to go to zoos.  It has become our vacation ritual.  We had never been to the Abilene Zoo before and finding ourselves in the area decided to go.  Zoo trips with our kids does not get much better.  Our 4-year-old loves animals and has a head full of facts.  Our youngest wants to do whatever the oldest does so it usually makes for a pretty good outing.
The Abilene Zoo is a small zoo at just 13 aces.  Pretty much the ideal size for us when we are on vacation.  Does not take a whole day to visit.  We get up early anyway so we can be there when it opens.  Kids get up moving around and start the day off well before we need to hit the road again.  Even though it was small there were still plenty of animals to see.  The Abilene Zoo has over 1,000 animals from 250 species including several big attraction animals like rhinos, giraffes, and lions.
reptile house
We visited in March on chilly morning and not all the animals were on display.  For the most part that was to be expected.  Not that big of a loss for us because with a local zoo membership we get a pretty nice discount at most zoos we see.  The main thing is letting my girls experience seeing animals, learning from the informational signs, having a good time.  They are little so attractions do not have to have that wow factor yet.  Trying to keep the bored syndrome at bay for as long as possible.  As for my wife and I we like to have the “if we ran a zoo” discussion about the size and types of exhibits.  While we still enjoy seeing the animals it is becoming more interesting to see who does what with the space and money they have.  Almost every zoo we have ever visited has at least something that stands out and something that leaves us pondering on what they were thinking.  The Abilene Zoo was not the exception to that line of thought.
Caribbean Cove
A few areas of the Abilene Zoo that stood out to us were their Wetlands of the Americas area.  Nice collection of birds as well as a large 13-foot alligator.  Nice collection of reptiles in their reptile house.  Their North American area also had a nice variety of animals in relatively natural enclosures.   Our kids favorite area was the Caribbean Cove and their sand box area where they had a good time playing in the sand.
Now their best area is their large giraffe enclosure where you get a chance to feed giraffes.  This was also the most disappointing area for us.  Our girls have fed giraffes a few times so we don’t always pay the extra money for that experience.  However, like anybody that visits a zoo we like to get the best view of the animals that we can.  That is what we paid the zoo entrance fee for.  Unfortunately, when we went to the railing to get an unobstructed view of the giraffes we were sternly asked to back away.  The reasoning that the giraffes would be teased that we did not have food for them.  We were not pretending we had food.  Did not have our hands out.  Nor were there any signs up that said we could not be there or anything.  I know zoo operation costs are astronomical, but come on don’t take away the best views just to make few extra dollars.  There are many other ways to help with costs.  So we left that area with a bitter taste.
Giraffe Yard
Overall, the Abilene Zoo was a nice small town zoo.  They had enough variety of animals to make it interesting.  Great for little kids.  No wow exhibits but young children do not need that to have a good time.  We will probably never find ourselves back in that part of Texas so I’m glad that we saw it when had the chance.

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M at the zoo
Abilene Zoo
Located At 2070 Zoo Ln, Abilene Texas
Hours of Operation 9 to 5 daily with extended hours Thursdays during the Summer
Cost as of this Posting Adults 13 to 59 $7 Seniors 60 and over $6 and children 3 to 12 $4.50
For more information visit their website at

May 09

 Fort Phantom Hill – Abilene, Texas

Fort Phantom
Lines of chimney stacks is what greeted us as we took in some Texas state history at Fort Phantom Hill.  There was something ghostly about the ruins there.  A sort of uneasy feeling about walking around the grounds of the abandoned fort.  I imagine the soldiers stationed there had a similar feeling.  Kind of out in the middle of nowhere Texas in dry brush country hoping for a good water source which apparently, the soldiers of that time period did not have.  Rough life but somebody had to do it.
Abandoned Fort
Never officially named, probably was not the best of signs, but known as the “Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos.”  Fort Phantom Hill was first established in 1851 as Texas seek to protect its settlers moving west.  Unfortunately, a water source was hard to establish and the army abandoned it in 1854.  So after it burned to the ground.  Leaving a dozen or so chimneys, stone powder magazine, a stone guardhouse, and an almost-intact commissary.  Some of the buildings were restored in 1858 to be a stage stop for the Butterfield Stage Company.  Once again it became a base of operations during the Civil War, but by the 1870s it days were numbered and eventually dried up when the railroad bypassed the area for Abilene.
Path at the Fort
The ruins of Fort Phantom Hill were in much better shape than I thought.  It offered interesting photo opportunities.  At the entrance to the fort there is an informational stand with an original map of the fort.  Makes it easier to visualize what it was like.  There is short marked trail that weaves throughout the ruins.  The trail is a gravely path but remember this is rattlesnake country so be careful when walking around the stone ruins.  Another visitor gave us a warning about seeing a snake however we did not see any during our time there.
Fort Phantom Abilene
To help make more sense of stop to old ruins I highly suggest taking you time to read the informational map and brochures.  It will give a fuller understanding of the fort and history.  Now I would say that Fort Phantom Hill is an interesting stop if you find yourself near Abilene, Texas.  However, it would not really be worth going out of your way to see.   Unless you have a hankering for the supernatural.  Legend has it that area is haunted.  Now we did not see any apparitions.  Though the ruins of an old fort coupled with an old farming community, Native American land, and just the amount of history in place like that. A person would have a pretty good storyline to an old-fashioned horror movie.

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Post of the clear fork of the Brazos
Fort Phantom Hill
Located at 10818 FM 600 Abilene, TX
Hours Of Operation: Dawn to Dusk 7 days a week 365
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information visit their website at

May 04

Lucy Park – Wichita Falls, TX

Lucy Park
A get out and stretch the legs spot and with a growing family any area to burn off some of my kids’ energy is a good one.  Lucy Park is a regional park.  Located in the city of Wichita Falls, Texas.  Lucy Park was a fun little spot to take the kids. For a city park, it has a very natural setting lots of trees, winding paths, a couple of playgrounds, views of the river, and a large waterfowl pond.
Lucy Park
Lucy Park sits on a bend of the Wichita River.  It has a 1.7-mile concrete trail that runs along the river circling the park.  The trail also connects to the running/biking trail system in Wichita Falls.  The park also has 3 playgrounds which our kids enjoyed. An eighteen-hole disc golf course.  Two water features a duck pond and manmade waterfall. A rental cabin for gatherings, lots of tables and benches as well as a swinging bridge that crosses the Wichita River.  Our little ones had never been on a swinging bridge before and their faces lit up as the bridge rocked up in down as we walked across.
Lucy Park
From the park there is about a half mile paved trail to the falls along the cities trail system.  The city put in a 54-ft three-tiered waterfall.  Constructed in the late 80s the waterfall was constructed to replace the original falls the town was named after.  The city’s namesake was washed away in serious flood back in the 1800s.  It is an impressive manmade falls and good photo-op.
Lucy Park
Besides a day out at the park or seeing a waterfall Lucy Park has another attraction worth seeing.  The River Bend Nature Center.  The nature center uses 15 acres of the city park.  Has a learning center, butterfly conservatory, and a nature trail.  A visit to the center would top off a fun day to Lucy Park.

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Lucy Park
Lucy Park
Located at 100 Sunset Dr, Wichita Falls, Tx
Hours of Operation 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. 7 days a week
Cost as of this Posting: Free
For more information about Lucy Park visit their website at

May 02

Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum – Seminole, OK

A place to let our kid’s imagination run wild.  Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum is one of the largest children’s museums that we have ever been to.  The place is massive.  42,000 square feet of indoor interactive space to explore as well as a large outdoor play area the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum was the perfect place to let our two girls burn off their extra energy.  A bit out of the way.  However, if you have kids 10 or under they will thank you for taking them to Seminole, Oklahoma.
Diggin up Bones
I was really blown away with the amount and variety of exhibits on display.  Just about every dress up opportunity for the kiddos was there.  Our children pretended to be pilots, fire fighters, engineers, meteorologist and doctors just to name a few.  Besides the many career-based exhibits they also had art, math, and science areas to stimulate the mind.  Very hands on experiences were found in every corner of the place.  Though we were there for a good 4 hours we left still not getting to explore the whole place.
little Shopper
Indoors the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum is divided up into what we would describe as four main areas.  A natural area with a dinosaur dig sand pit, a large freshwater fish tank, and minerals on display.  A large career imagination area.  Jobs from auto mechanic to dentistry. A great area for the kids to imagine the future.  This area also had a nice size pretend grocery store which was a big hit with my girls.  They also have a traveling exhibit area.  The last zone was a play and splash zone.  A large water table with channels and lifts to move the water and a large complex climbing apparatus and slide.  Like I said this place had a little bit of everything.
Listen Up Class
Our girls loved it.  Both under 5 they appreciate the chance just to explore.  Older kids and adults might find some of the exhibits dated, but we were pleasantly surprised that everything was in working order.  A tough task in a hands-on museum.  The Jasmine Moran Museum was an incredible find for us and our children.  A place that would be right at home in much larger cities.  Though I am glad that it is not.  Children’s museum sometimes get a little too full for our taste.
Flight Control
After exploring the inside make sure you head outside and take in their outdoor exhibits.  For an extra fee, you can take a ride on the Super Sonic Expressway.  We did not partake.  The train runs for a half mile of track including around their pond and nature park.  There is also a miniature town, two playground areas, and a castle maze.  The girls had a blast in the maze and its unique entrance down a slide.  Parenting tip… Have a parent at the bottom of the slide before the kids go down.  Our two-year-old took off like a rocket going underneath the maze walls.  I followed her teasing laugh as she thought she was getting away.  After catching up we made our way out.
Our visit took place during a weekday while most kids were still in school.  Early enough into the second semester of school that most schools would not be on a field trip.  We basically had the whole place to ourselves.  Could not have asked for a better experience for our two little girls.  The staff was super friendly, our girls got to explore to their hearts content, and no cutting, bumping, rude, or too busy with my smartphone parents to be a parent to ruin our time.  A great day at a great place.

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Jasmine Moran Children's Museum
Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum
Located at 1714 OK-9 Seminole, OK
Hours of Operation Monday to Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Cost as of this Posting: 3 to 59 $10 and 60 and over $7
For more information

May 01

Pedernales Falls State Park – Texas

Pedernales Falls Upclose
Pedernales Falls State Park lies 45 miles east of Austin Texas.  Needless to say, it is a popular state park. Especially, in the dog days of summer when the park becomes a great place to swim, wade, canoe or tube down the river.  However, with over 5,000 acres to explore Pedernales Falls State Park has a lot more to offer.  Home to two waterfalls, hiking, biking, and horse trails.
Our particular visit to the park took place Mid-March.  So, the water activities were out but I was more interested in seeing their water features.  For as large as Texas is there are not that many waterfalls.  So, a state park that has two of them… sign me up.  The name sake of the park is the larger of the two but the half mile trail to Twin Falls is also worth the visit.  Perdernales Falls is much larger having several short wide drops over the length of couple of football fields.
Like most places, we end up visiting we are there long enough to see the highlights before we need to move on.  Our time at Pedernales Falls State Park was very short.  Just sufficient time for me to hike out to both falls, both less than a mile in length. However, long enough to realize that fall or spring camping or an RV trip to the park would be worthwhile.  I would like to hike some of their other trails like the top of Wolf Mountain and see what Texas Hill Country is all about.
Pedernales Falls
I was there on a cloudy raining day.  This made for a slightly unsettling feeling walking out across the river rock towards the falls.  There were plenty of warning signs up around Pedernales Falls State Park about the chance of flash flooding.  Though after seeing several photographers and their muses out walking around the rocks I felt that since I made the drive all the way out there I might as well take the steps to see it.  If you do visit the state park make sure you are weather as well as conditions aware.

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Pedernales Falls State Park
Located at 2585 Park Rd 6026 Johnson City
Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. 7 days a week
Cost as of this Posting 13 and over $6
For more information visit the Pedernales Falls State Park website at

Apr 10

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum: Clinton, OK

Route 66 Signs
Route 66 is Americana at its best.  Located in Clinton, Oklahoma on the western side of the state along I40 is the state’s official Route 66 museum.  The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is a nice little stop that explains the rise and fall of the Mother Road.
gas station exhibit
Affiliated with the Oklahoma Historical Society.  The Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is the best one that we have been to that tells the complete story of the famous highway.  Divided up by decades.  The museum showcases what made each decade unique.  From its humble beginnings as a series of interconnected dirt roads, to the Jazz Age of excess down to the lows of the Dust Bowl as thousands searched for a better life.  The 40’s and 50’s became the highpoint of the Route 66 experience of the open road.  Followed by the inception of the Interstate Highway System and the end of Route 66 as they knew it.
What really made this an excellent stop was just how well thought out the museum was.  A lot of small museums that we have visited seem to be more of hodgepodge of items.  No rhyme or reason.  Here I could tell they wanted to tell the historical story of Route 66 and they did.  Really interesting stuff.  I could see all visitors young and old enjoying a trip to the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum.
Route 66 Museum
Another thing I liked about my visit was just how aesthetically pleasing it was.  The museum was well organized and clean.  Each decade also came complete with samples of the legendary songs that made up the era. The combination of artifacts, vintage cars, and Route 66 signs, old gas pumps, and pictures from each decade really help explain what the Route 66 experience was all about.  I also enjoyed how they tied in the bigger picture of each decade to the highway.  Having information about the famous celebrities of the day, cost of living, historical moments to help explain the times.
get your kicks on route 66
Overall the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum is worth a stop. A great history lesson to be had.  If looking for a little nostalgia this place has you covered.  Plus, traveling West on I40 once past Oklahoma City there is not a whole lot of quality low cost stops to be had.  There are a few diamonds in the rough out there and this is certainly one of them.

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Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum
Located at 2229 West Gary BLVD Clinton, OK
Hours of Operation: Monday through Saturday 9 to 5 and Sunday 1 to 5 with extended hours during the summer months closed the 1st week in Jan, and most major holidays
Cost as of this Posting: Adults 19 to 61 $7, Seniors 62 and over $5 Children 6 to 18 $4
For more information visit their website at

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